Stories for November 2010


Tuesday, November 30

Lumumba Pulls Probe; City Approves Fee Increase

Ward 2 Councilman Chokwe Lumumba wants all Jackson City Council members present before he makes a motion to vote on conducting an investigation into Council President Frank Bluntson's alleged use of city employees for personal reasons.

[Balko] Vanishingly Rare Misconduct Citations

In 2007, a court tried Sonya and Joseph Smith for felony murder in connection with the 2003 death of their 8-year-old son, Josef, who medical examiners said was beaten and deprived of food and water. The trial was highly publicized, partly due to the Smiths' membership in the Remnant Fellowship, a Christian sect that stresses corporal punishment and dietary restrictions.

Babalu, New Clinic Opens

Babalu Tacos & Tapas opens today in Fondren's Duling Hall. The Mexican and Spanish-inspired restaurant offers gourmet tacos and small dishes, or tapas, with an emphasis on fresh and often locally sourced ingredients.

Shannon Goodwill

Shannon Goodwill wants families affected by domestic violence to know that the community supports them. Goodwill, a sixth-grade art teacher at Brandon Middle School, is organizing "Art and Sole," an art project she and her students are donating to a domestic-abuse shelter in Jackson.

Cochran Votes Against Doomed Earmark Ban

UPDATED 11/30/10 2:54 p.m.

Mississippi U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran was one of eight Republicans to vote against an earmark ban, which failed in a 39-to-56 vote in the Senate today.

Monday, November 29

Plaintiffs Seek Removal of Diaz in Minor Suit

The USF&G Insurance Company, from which former attorney Paul Minor won a large settlement in 2001, wants former state Supreme Court Judge Oliver Diaz removed from Minor's civil defense team.

City To Receive $550K Earmark for Art Facilities

Jackson is set to receive $550,000 from the federal government to upgrade three public arts facilities. The City Council will vote tomorrow on submitting a formal earmark request to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which would finalize the funding that Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker secured for the city last year.

T-Model Ford

T-Model Ford may be 90 years old, but you'd never know it if you've ever heard the bluesman play his guitar.

Community Events and Public Meetings

6 p.m., Jackson Touchdown Club Meeting at River Hills Country Club (3600 Ridgewood Road). Members of the athletic organization meet weekly during the football season and have access to meals, fellowship and the chance to listen to speakers from around the country. The last meeting of the year is an awards program for outstanding high school senior athletes. $280 individual membership, $1200 corporate membership; call 601-955-5293 or 601-506-3186.

Lawmakers Return to Congress

Lawmakers will debate renewing tax cuts for the wealthy passed under former president George W. Bush as they return to U.S. Congress this morning, Reuters reported today.

A Holiday Haiku

To lose weight on Thanksgiving -

The impossible -

Friday, November 26

Hood Cautions Black Friday Shoppers

Verbatim statement : As two of the year's busiest shopping days approach, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is cautioning consumers to be prepared.

Wednesday, November 24

Cookin' Up Some Christmas Gifts

Over the past few years, I've realized that most of the adults I know, including myself, have way too much stuff. Nobody really needs another coffee mug, picture frame or cute item to put on the shelf. The shelves are all full.

Edible Gifts

While I prefer to make "food" gifts, I don't always have time. I have finally accepted the fact that it's perfectly OK to let other people do the work for me. Here are a few suggestions for edible gifts that only require the time it takes to drive to the appropriate store.

We're Having That Again?

While I know many folks are able to deftly hide last night's dinner in some sort of casserole, I never learned the skillful art of food camouflage. The Man knows. It's like my husband has some kind of internal detector that magically alerts him to the mere hint of food being "recycled" in any way.

Food Fight: Desserts of Vicksburg

Before the 19th century and the mechanization of the sugar industry, desserts were consumed mainly by privileged aristocrats or as a rare holiday treat. Thank goodness for technology, or I think I would have to had led the revolt to fight for equal sweets consumption. Every culture has a dessert unique to its region that celebrates the culinary feats of its people. I set out to find such treats in our neck of the woods.

From the Artist's Hands

The Jackson area is filled with tons of creative folks offering handmade items that would make wonderful holiday gifts. Each item carries the essence of the person who made it. What a wonderful way to connect with community. Each piece is a labor of love that you can pass on to a special person in your life. Jingle your way over to this week's JFP Issuu for more merry fun.

Spiritual Exploration

Check out these titles to learn how different people worship (or don't) and how to co-exist harmoniously with your newfound knowledge. All books available at Lemuria Books (Banner Hall, 4465 Interstate 55, Suite 202, 601-366-7619)

Gifts of the Spirit

Looking to seek the inner within? Or perhaps a journey to Nirvana? Each of us seek to to find the peace within ourselves. Or at least enjoy the road trip. Light some candles and head over to the latest JFP Issuu for gift ideas and some spiritual enlightenment.

Church Lady

In times past, tradition dictated that a woman of a certain age cover her head when entering a church on Sunday mornings. It all started with the biblical apostle Paul. In a letter he wrote to the Corinthians, he said women should cover their heads during worship service. It's a commandment many women, especially black women, have taken to heart.

The Best In Sports In 7 Days

Doctor S sez: Last year, Mississippi State ruined the Rebels' holidays with an Egg Bowl upset. Can the Rebels return the favor this year?

JSU Presidential Pick Named

The board of trustees for Mississippi's universities announced Nov. 22 that it had selected Carolyn W. Meyers to serves as the next president of Jackson State University. Meyers is the former president of another historically black institution, Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Va., and would the first female JSU president.

Not a Ghost Town

As Betty Lyons rode through neighborhoods in west Jackson during a recent tour, she envisioned the boarded-up homes along Grand Avenue and Rose Street occupied with residents and creating a vibrant community.

Private Youth Prison Under Fire

By corporate standards, the Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility has been a success. Since opening in 2001, the private prison has generated roughly $100 million for the companies that have operated it.

Downtown Arena, Anyone?

It's become a rite of passage: The rebounding city builds a sports-and-entertainment arena, a shiny mark of maturity and status, like a 16-year-old's new car.

Fix the Earmarks Process

Mississippi's U.S. Sens. Cochran and Wicker, whipped to a fury by Republican deficit hawks, have committed themselves to the idea of no longer sending earmark money back to their home state.

[Stiggers] Unemployed and Broke

"You took my dignity and gone. My children are depressed because I cannot provide for them. My wife is annoyed, and I am desperate and frustrated. And I don't have health insurance."

[Kamikaze] Race, Again

My late mother always encouraged me to face problems head on. To this day, I've never let issues fester. Problem? You're going to know about it immediately, and I'm going to begin working on solutions and actions.

[Collier] Don't Give Up on God

Natalie A. Collier

Much of who I am can be attributed to not only my family but to the people at the church I grew up in. While there is a strange one or two among the group, much of my spiritual foundation was laid within the oak-lined walls of the small church with the cranberry red carpet that sits just a few blocks away from the campus of MSU's entrance: First Church of Christ (Holiness).

It Just Is: Nurturing A Child's Spirituality

When children are born, human parents experience something spiritual just by being in the child's presence—their fingers and toes and eyelashes, the smell of their skin, and the way their eyes fix on people and objects.

Circle of the Sun

I went for a walk through Belhaven with a friend one afternoon a few weeks ago. We passed people walking their dogs and some joggers. And suddenly, it was dark at 5:30 p.m.

Things Worth Saving

Recently, my life went completely down the flusher. My wife, with whom I was blissfully in love, texted me to say she wanted a divorce.

Dancing for God

Church isn't something that pops into my head when I think about dance. However, today's society has changed its views on dance and church, and many churches integrate dance into their worship service.

A View From the Broom Closet

I am a witch. No, not the fairy-tale type with green skin and a huge crooked nose or the sexy, raven-haired teenager with dark make-up from the latest thriller.

Tease photo

Heart: Finding Relevance in Ancient Teachings

Although American religious culture is often described as "Judeo-Christian," and random verses from the Old Testament are sometimes used as proof-texts to bolster whatever political argument a speaker might support.

Right Here, Right Now

I've always wanted change. At 13, I declared to my parents that I was moving to the Caymans where I would support myself as a watercolorist. That didn't quite work out.

Egg Bowl 2010 Has Reverse 2009 Deja Vu

The next couple of weeks are probably my favorite time to be a college football fan. Starting Thursday (Thanksgiving) and ending next Saturday it is rivalry week in college football.

Beyond Hair

I need more black friends. That was the first thing I thought as I walked into the Regency Hotel Saturday evening, 
Nov. 13, for the third annual Mississippi Hair Battle. Among the approximately 1,000 people who attended the event, about three of them were white--myself included. The childhood joke, "Your epidermis is showing," rang loudly in my ears. I had never been so conscious of my race.

Shadowing the Blues

When put under the microscope of the most discerning blues aficionado, the Bailey Brothers' debut studio album "How to Write the Wrong" delivers the whole package in every aspect.

Thank You

With the holidays coming at us like a freight train, I'm reflecting on all the things I'm thankful for in 2010.

Country's Queen

Tammy Wynette once said, "I believe you have to live your songs," but too often the life of this country-music superstar takes a backseat to her hit, "Stand By Your Man."

Priester Wins Runoff

Melvin Priester Sr. won a seat as Hinds County Court Judge in yesterday's runoff election.

Priester, who faced Jackson attorney Brent Southern in subdistrict 1, will take the seat of Judge William Barnett, who did not seek re-election, after a swearing-in ceremony Jan. 3. Priester received 61.9 percent, or 6,083 votes, and Southern 38 percent, or 3,376 votes, according to the Hinds County Election Commission's unofficial returns.

An Ache in Our Souls

A few years ago, I made what was, for me, a radical step: joining the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson. For a minute or two, I was on the board and even sang in the choir.

Earmark ‘Kings' Pledge Ban

Mississippi's two U.S. senators signed onto a pledge last week by fellow Republicans to refrain from requesting earmark funds for their home state during the upcoming 112th Congress. Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker--ranked as the No. 1 and No. 3 "earmark kings" in the U.S. Senate--announced they would go along with the Senate Republican Conference's call to temporarily halt federal "pork-barrel" spending, which is the long-time practice of sending congressionally budgeted funds to specific local projects from highway construction in the Delta to Hurricane Katrina restoration projects. Pork accounts for about 1 percent of the federal budget.

Rev. Bruce Wimberley

Rev. Bruce Wimberley is a man with fierce, brown eyes. Despite his intense gaze, he exhibits a calm demeanor. His leather sandals reveal his casual nature and appreciation for comfort, while his age-chiseled face testifies to a life of service and sacrifice.

Tuesday, November 23

City Defends Fee Hikes, Lay-offs

City officials and Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. stressed cost increases as the reason for water and sewer fee hikes and JATRAN employee cuts yesterday at Jackson City Council session.

Business News: Renovations and Closings

Eley Guild Hardy Architects celebrated the opening of its downtown Jackson office Nov. 18. The firm moved into the former Union Planters Bank building at 329 E. Capitol St. this fall after a $1.7 million renovation. The building had been vacant for several years after Regions Bank acquired Union Planters in July 2004.

Gwendolyn A. Magee

Textile artist Gwendolyn A. Magee never intended to tell stories through intricate needlework, but after taking a quilting workshop to make quilts for her family, she discovered an outlet for her creativity.

[Balko] Draconian Gun Laws

Sue Aitken called the police because she was worried about her son, Brian. She now lives with the guilt of knowing that her phone call is the reason Brian spent his 27th birthday in a New Jersey prison last month. If the state gets its way, he will be there for the next seven years.

Run Off Election Today

County and circuit judicial candidates are on the ballot for today's runoff election.

In Hinds County, voters will chose between Brent Southern and Melvin Priester for county judge. In Madison County, Will Longwitz and Steve Ratcliff face each other for county judge.

Monday, November 22

Bluntson and Lumumba Square Off

Council President Frank Bluntson claims allegations that he pressured city employees to take off work and campaign for his daughter-in-law, unsuccessful Madison County Justice Court candidate Barbara Ann Bluntson, are a political maneuver to remove him from his position as council president. Bluntson claims Ward 2 Councilman Chokwe Lumumba is retaliating after Bluntson removed Lumumba as the council's Budget Committee chairman, in part because Lumumba pushes so hard for minority contracts.

JSU, Alcorn Presidential Picks Unveiled

The board of trustees for Mississippi's universities announced its preferred candidates today for the presidencies of Alcorn State University and Jackson State University. M. Christopher Brown, executive vice president and provost at Fisk University in Nashville, Tenn., is the board's pick for president at Alcorn. The board selected Carolyn W. Meyers, former president of Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Va., for the Jackson State post.

Dr. Clay Hays

As the grand marshal for the city of Jackson's annual holiday parade, Dr. Clay Hays is using his time in the limelight to promote healthier living in the city.

Community Events and Public Meetings

5 p.m., Credit Training at Jackson Medical Mall (350 W. Woodrow Wilson Ave.), in the Community Meeting Room. A BankPlus representative gives tips on improving your credit. Call 601-982-8467.

Friday, November 19

2010 Capital City Classic Preview and Prediction

This Saturday, Jackson State and Alcorn State will battle for yearly bragging rights in the 2010 Capital City Classic. As usual the game will be played at 1PM in Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Councilmen Address Store Shooting

Addressing tension between Indian storeowners and their African American clientele, Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes called for dialogue between the groups at a public hearing on crime yesterday evening.

Jackson Local Business Alliance Gains Support

Several Community members supported the idea of of forming a local business alliance today during a presentation by American Independent Business Alliance co-founder Jeff Milchen.

It's the Weekend: Live it Up

The weather might be getting colder, but don't let that stop your weekend fun. When you get off work today, head to the Handworks Holiday Market at the Mississippi Trade Mart (1200 Mississippi St.) and start your holiday shopping. The market is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and continues Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $5, and children under 12 get in free; call 205-991-9840 for more information. When you finish your shopping, head to Millsaps College Galloway Halls of Residence (1701 N. State St). and see sculpture and digital-arts students' collaborative performance at 7 p.m.; free. You have plenty of other entertainment options to get your groove on this week. Tonight, Amalgamation performs at Underground 119 at 9 p.m.; Sherman Lee Dillion plays the blues at F. Jones Corner until 4 a.m.; and Mia Borders plays at Martins at 10 p.m. For the city's best happenings check out Best Bets and the JFP Music Listings for your weekend entertainment.

Terry Sullivan

As a former executive for a global food retail operation, Terry Sullivan saw first hand the adverse effects marketing and large portion sizes have on public health. He is currently using his past experiences to get Jacksonians in shape.

Thursday, November 18

Jackson Major Crimes Up 5.3 Percent

Download JPD's weekly crime report (PDF)

Advocates Push for Medicaid Decision

State health advocates are appealing to the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services with concerns that the Mississippi Division of Medicaid is discouraging eligible disabled beneficiaries from seeking Medicaid home care services.

Study Finds Disparities in Teacher Qualifications

Read the study (PDF)

JFP Persons of the Day: Jan Finney and Liz Carmouche

Since its inception, men have predominately ruled the sport of mixed martial arts. Recently, however, a crop of rough and tough female fighters has stepped up to the plate. On the fight card for this Friday's Strikeforce event in Jackson, female fighters Jan Finney and Liz Carmouche will square off in a 135-pound bantamweight bout.

Wednesday, November 17

For the Kids

A few months ago, I picked up a copy of The Clarion-Ledger's VIP Jackson magazine and flipped through. I was shocked at how few black VIP Jacksonians I saw in the stories, party pics and advertising.

En Garde!

As a young boy, my parents introduced me to classic films featuring Errol Flynn ("Captain Blood") and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. ("The Corsican Brothers"). I mainly remember the swashbucklers' fencing duels.

The Best In Sports In 7 Days

Doctor S sez: Which will happen first? Houston Nutt goes crazy, or Dan Mullen gets another job?

Don't Panic, It's Just a Big Bird

Take a deep breath and step away from the turkey. Now exhale slowly, and let's take stock of the situation. You have been awarded/punished/tested with the job of preparing the holiday bird.

Vegetarians Cry Fowl at Thanksgiving

So many events in our lives revolve around food. Thanksgiving turkey, mincemeat pies at Christmas, Easter ham—all these are lauded traditions. So what's a vegetarian to do amidst all that carnivorous delight?

Local Guide to a Worry-Free Turkey Day

Oh, the joy of Thanksgiving! As we prepare to give thanks and share time with family and friends, food will take center stage. Although many will spend hours in the kitchen to make everything from scratch, there are ways to enlist a little help.

The Skinny on Stuffing

Every Thanksgiving, my house is divided. We take sides over stuffing—or dressing—whatever you prefer to call it.

Cranberry Apple Bake

To my family, it's not fall until Mom cooks the first batch of cranberry apple bake, warming the kitchen and filling the house with the smell of brown sugar.

Tacos y Tapas in Fondren

Babalu Tacos & Tapas is set to open in December in Duling Hall, in the renovated Duling School in Fondren.

City Eyes Water Hikes

The city of Jackson is eyeing water and sewer fee hikes this year.

UMMC Unveils Obesity Center

Visitors to the Jackson Convention Center during last week's Global Obesity Summit could be forgiven for a little mirthless laughter.

Alliances of the Little Guys

Jeff Milchen doesn't like big boxes. In 1997, Milchen noticed with alarm that large chain stores were rapidly displacing the locally owned, independent stores that gave Boulder, Colo., its character.

Millsaps at Vietnam

"I thought I was having a hallucination," student Sharon Yoo wrote in her journal. "It was like the scenery from the movie 'Avatar.'"

The Cost of Not Shopping Local

Jacksonians were bummed to discover last week that the city plans to raise water fees by 13 percent and sewer fees by 6 percent to shore up the city's budget after a drop in sales-tax revenue.

[Stiggers] Turkey Day Parade

Miss Doodle Mae: "As the holiday season approaches, Jojo's Discount Dollar Store is gearing up for a special event during Thanksgiving. It's an event the financially challenged community will enjoy."

[Letter To The Editor] Payday Loans Needed

Every American adult has experience in financial management. But despite the fact that we all manage our personal finances and make decisions every day about how to spend, save and invest, many of us remain baffled by the complicated systems behind our dollars.

How Not to Get Sick

Several coworkers and friends in my life have gotten sick recently. It's probably the change in the weather. Luckily, I have an amazing immune system. Seriously, I'm not even trying to brag. How many times have I called out sick to work in the last year? None. Nada. Zilch. So how does one acquire an immune system of steel? That's a hard question to answer. But I can tell you my regimen for anytime I feel the slightest cold or illness coming on:

Break-Neck Speed

In 1972 I went on a Girl Scout camping trip to Washington, D.C. One of the chaperoning mothers brought along her son, Terry. We kidded with each other that I was girl "Terri" and he was boy "Terry."

Tease photo

Kids Having Kids

Ollie Jackson's baby, Lauryn, sleepily rubs her eyes as she sits on her 19-year-old father's lap during a football game at Newell Field in Jackson.

Losing Time in Pen and Ink

Doodling a detailed picture on a napkin, the architect with white hair and blue eyes concentrates while a waitress clears the plates around him.

Soul, Front and Center

I am not a soul-music guy, generally speaking; I grew up on punk rock for the most part. Outside the luminaries of soul my knowledge of the genre drops off precipitously on the musical graph.

Add Cheer, Not Expense

Holidays happen, but we have the power and responsibility to choose how we celebrate them and what they mean to each of us.

Arena Supporters Raise Funds for Study

Supporters of a proposed arena for downtown Jackson made their case yesterday at the Jackson Convention Complex. A steering committee featuring many area business leaders is trying to raise $80,000 to fund the first phase of a feasibility study for the project.

Flaggs: Keep Check Cashers Act

Mississippi House of Representatives Banking Committee Chairman George Flaggs, D-Vicksburg, says he wants to extend the life of the 1998 Mississippi Check Cashers Act, which allows short-term lenders a special exemption from the 36-percent annual-percentage-rate cap on loans of under $1,000. Under the Act, check-cashing operations can charge customers 18 percent simple interest in fees for loans under $400 due within two to four weeks.

J.J. Luther and Karson Williams

Karson Williams laughed at a joke on top of the Ironworks Building in downtown Jackson. She and J.J. Luther had come up to the roof to look at the stars and talk. The tall blonde girl and the red-headed boy looked down at the sidewalk at their tattooed friends from The Ink Spot.

David Hoskins

David Hoskins is used to getting strange questions. As the reference librarian at the Eudora Welty Public Library, he is the go-to guy for research materials and assistance.

Tuesday, November 16

Going nuts in Oxford, Part 2

Doctor S could take the easy way out and say that Ole Miss football coach Houston Nutt was being refreshingly honest when he made his Oxford address on Monday. His boss, Pete Boone like it, for whatever it's worth.

City to Shore Up $1.5M for JATRAN

Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. said Monday the city will have to come up with an unexpected $1 million by January to pay for JATRAN bus drivers.

Arena Study; Blues Joint Opens

Supporters of a proposed downtown sports and entertainment arena will host a fundraiser and information session this evening at the Jackson Convention Complex. In 2009, a steering committee of business leaders contracted consulting firm Populous Sports to conduct an arena feasibility study for downtown Jackson.

Kathy Nester

"Depression Doesn't Wait Until Monday"

As I was preparing for work the other morning, I saw a clip on Good Morning America about an upcoming Marie Osmond interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She was speaking out about the loss of her 18-year-old adopted son Michael Blosil, who committed suicide eight months ago. He had issues in the past with depression and substance abuse, and he was very depressed the last time Osmond spoke to him on the phone. She tried to encourage her son by reminding him that she would be visiting him the following Monday. Unfortunately, Michael took his life that Friday by jumping from the roof of his apartment building. She said, "I told him, 'Mike, I'm gonna be there Monday, and it's gonna be okay,' but depression doesn't wait until Monday." Hearing her say that reminded me why I was walking down the rugged trail through the woods of Mayes Lake at LeFleur's Bluff during NAMIWalks earlier this month. Depression should always be taken seriously because you never know the mindset of the sufferer. You never know if you may be the one that could make him or her change her mind about giving up and ending it all. I equate it to giving life-saving CPR to someone whose heart has stopped beating. You can't save a life unless you learn how, and I think that if more people recognized the signs of someone contemplating suicide, more lives could be saved because they would know how to intervene. I appreciate the work of NAMI Mississippi, whose goal is to educate people about and remove the stigma associated with mental illness. Although NAMIWalks was on Nov. 6, the fundraising website will be available until Jan. 5. If you like to donate to NAMI Mississippi, please visit and give whatever you can. Thanks!

Is Nutt going nuts?

Ole Miss football coach Houston made an impassioned plea at his Monday news conference.

Monday, November 15

Barbour Proposes 8 Percent Budget Cut in 2012

Gov. Haley Barbour outlined his 2012 budget proposal at a press conference this afternoon, calling for an average of 8 percent cuts to state agencies next year. Barbour's $5.47 billion budget recommendation for fiscal year 2012 is $43 million below this year's final budget and roughly $250 million below the state's 2008 budget, its largest cut to date.


Salad, salad, and more salad. This is what my body has been craving the last couple of weeks. Who can be surprised after the funnel cake splurge at the state fair and the Halloween candy that tempted everyone recently?

Katrina Victims to Receive $132 million

The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development settled a $132 million lawsuit last week allowing individual Gulf Coast renters to claim up to $75,000 for Katrina-related destruction.

Supes OK Jackson Road Projects

The Hinds County Board of Supervisors gave advance approval today for county public-works crews to do routine maintenance work in the city of Jackson. The board passed Supervisor Peggy Calhoun's motion to let the county Public Works Department do any work taking less than two days without getting explicit board approval.

Capt. Ken Chapman

When you do your shopping this holiday season, you might hear Capt. Ken Chapman's determined bell ringing for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle.

Community Events and Public Meetings

6 p.m., Jackson Touchdown Club Meeting at River Hills Country Club (3600 Ridgewood Road). Members of the athletic organization meet weekly during the football season and have access to meals, fellowship and the chance to listen to speakers from around the country. This week's speaker is former NCAA coach Ronnie Cotrell. $280 individual membership, $1200 corporate membership; call 601-955-5293 or 601-506-3186.

Barbour to Announce Budget Proposals

Gov. Haley Barbour will release his budget proposals for the upcoming 2012 fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2011, during a press conference this afternoon.

Friday, November 12

Murrah Whipping Makes National Headlines

Read the Complaint

Jackson Water Bill Increases Ahead?

The Jackson City Council will address a fee increase of 13 percent for water and 6 percent for sewer services during Tuesday's city council meeting. Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. proposed the hikes for Jackson residents and businesses in August for the city's 2011 budget to shore up drops in sales-tax revenue.

Steve Godbold

Mississippi Animal Rescue League Graphic Designer and Marketer Steve Godbold is passionate about helping abandoned animals find a good home.

Homeless Day Shelter Reopens

The Opportunity Center, Jackson's only daytime homeless shelter, will reopen later this month. Stewpot Community Services, which opened the shelter in May 2007, closed it April 2 due to a lack of outside funds.

It's the Weekend: Do it Big

If you didn't get tickets for tonight's BOOM Jackson fashion show, cheer up, because you can still make the after party. The event is a fundraiser for Dress for Success Metro Jackson, includes event ambassador author Jill Conner Browne and "Celebrity Servers" competing for tips. The party starts at 8:15 p.m. at Duling Hall (622 Duling Ave. ); $10 at the door. If you aren't attending tonight's fashion show, join the League of Women Voters for a screening of "One Woman, One Vote," a PBS Documentary celebrating the 90th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. The screening starts at 6 p.m. at Mississippi Public Broadcasting (3825 Ridgewood Road); free. If late-night entertainment is your style, see Amazing Lazy Boi and Rock perform at F. Jones Corner from 11:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. Admission is $5 until midnight and $10 after. Visit the JFP's Best Bets for more weekend fun.

Thursday, November 11

[Lynch] On Veterans Day

My father-in-law, Vietnam War veteran Timothy Cheeks, wants more tolerance this Veterans Day. Tim works in the Healthcare for Homeless Veterans division of the Mississippi Veteran's Administration Hospital in Jackson, and his stories haunt the soul. Celebrating the sacrifice of so many men and women is a worthy deed, he says, but paying respect on only a handful of days every year is menial; the mental anguish some veterans suffer does not limit itself to a handful of days.

David Koren

A "Wizard of Oz"-inspired mini-golf course, 10,000 portraits on 10,000 matchbooks and a bed made from grass are all examples of participatory art projects in New York City. If David Koren has his way, participatory arts projects will happen in Jackson, too.

Feds Support Mississippi's Obesity Fight

When it comes to addressing and preventing obesity, federal action can help set the tone for efforts, but true progress will come from local action, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said today. Speaking at the Global Obesity Summit 2010 at the Jackson Convention Complex, Sebelius explained the Obama administration's approach to fighting obesity and encouraged state and local actors to take the lead.

Wednesday, November 10

SWAC To JSU Coach: Bleep You, Stay At Home

The SWAC has suspended Jackson State football coach Rick Comegy for this weekend's game at Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

Chinese Memories

I never had a chance. My parents were addicted by the time I was born, and by the time I came of age, I was sitting next to them learning the ropes. I am, of course, talking about our love of Chinese food.

Good, Bad, Bowls

The college football season is surging toward its conclusion. Over the final three weeks of the season, everything will fall into place. We'll discover if the SEC can go for a fifth title in five years.

The Best In Sports In 7 Days

Doctor S sez: Jackson State appeared ready to wrap up the SWAC East title. After losing to Alabama State, the Tigers have trouble with a capital T.

Hot-Blooded Vote Counters

Despite warnings that an intra-office feud could jeopardize its integrity, the Nov. 2 elections in Hinds County appeared to go off without a hitch. With its hands full handling post-election vote tallies and the like, the Hinds County Election Commission has been largely silent since last week, but the commission's issues are not likely to go away.

Medicaid Boots Kids

Deborah Edmonson, a parent attending a Nov. 4 legislative hearing on Medicaid, said the state rejected her Down syndrome daughter for aid, even though the U.S. Department of Disability Services guidelines say she qualifies.

Gardens, By and For the People

Serenity Luckett, principal of Brown Elementary, looked down at the dirt of the soon-to-be-garden she was watering to see the water roll into pools on top of the soil. After a few minutes of watering and some tilling, most of the car-sized plot was ready for planting.

It's About Jobs, Not ‘Obamacare'

Republicans managed to snag a U.S. House of Representatives majority last week, and many consider this a "mandate" to repeal health-care reform meant to hold insurance companies accountable and provide more people with health-care options.

[Stiggers] Winter in America

Big Roscoe: "Welcome to the post-daylight-saving time edition of ‘Clubb Chicken Wing's Def Poetry Jam with Hot Sauce.' We have a virgin about to recite something to you. And he told me that he also brought a big ol' hot pot of food for the soul in the back of the Clubb Chicken Wing kitchen."

[Kamikaze] Take the ‘I' Out of Team

I'm not a Democrat or Republican. Nor am I liberal or conservative. I shun the two-party mindset, believing that there's no either/or scenario when it comes to politics. I'm more moderate if I'm anything, a subscriber to a more common-sense approach when it comes to governing people.

[Purvis] Making a Home, Building a Life

My house on Chickasaw Avenue has been a work in progress since I bought it in 2008. In my mom's opinion, it had three strikes against it: It was an older home; it needed work; and it was in Jackson.

Harmonize Your Small Space

Small living spaces can easily feel cramped, making the rules of feng shui—the ancient Chinese system of architecture and interior design that harmonize a space with the spiritual forces that inhabit it—even more important for a balanced and peaceful home.

Mythic Paint

Across from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg sits the retro-logoed Mythic Paint national headquarters and lab. A spattering of Mini Coopers is in the parking lot among the regular cars. The cars are driven in locations around the country to advertise the Green Wise certified non-toxic, low order and zero VOC paint, developed at USM's School of Polymers and High Performance Materials after six years of research.

How to Buy An Acre of Diamonds

Jasmine Brooks, a special education major at Jackson State University, wants to buy a home in the west Jackson area. Her goal, she says, is to create a community of young professionals in west Jackson. The 23-year-old Illinois transplant believes west Jackson is a viable investment for her.

Green It, Baby

Practicing sustainable habits, or going "green," is something everyone can do to keep our planet a healthy place to live. Here are five ways to "green" your home. Remember, if we each do a little, the cumulative effects will be tremendous.

All Hers All The Time

The definition of "kitsch" is sort of hard to pin down these days. Kitsch is often used by the "shabby chic" to adorn their abodes, but the word's origin rambles around in elitist conversations about high or low art. It can be anything now—ranging from mass-produced Van Gogh mugs to figurine collections to "vintage" '50s-inspired art reproductions.

DIY Bibles

Even the best of us need a good help book. The real problem is to find one that matches your style. Fortunately, we've already did the hard part for you.

New To The Decor Thing? Let Lisa Help.

Lisa Palmer, owner of the delightful interior showroom SummerHouse (1109 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite D, Ridgeland, 601-853-4445), has been in the interior design business since 1997 (and can sing like nobody's business, but that's another story). She offers her decorating suggestions and expertise to first time home or apartment owners.

Redefining Home

This is the first time I've talked about this. There have been many reasons I've kept my "secret" in the vault. There's a stigma that comes with it. It's one of those things that carries a lot of shame and guilt.

Decorating With Art

When Professional Staffing Group co-owner Jane Sanders Waugh isn't running her Fondren business or acting in a local theater production, she likes to spend her free time perfecting her Jackson home (pictured on the cover of this issue).

Drowning In Wallpaper

I'm pretty sure I have permanent neck damage. It happened when I decided it was time to take down the wallpaper in my daughter's bathroom. It wasn't bothering my daughter, but the water spots, on what used to be a lovely patterned paper, were just more than I could stand.

The Headboard Blues

When one door closes ... you build a headboard.

You Can't Imagine

I was enjoying my late morning leisure. The kids were in school, and Kitty was at her office. This was Tom Time. I was nestled into the sofa, Café Cubano in one hand and TV remote in the other, toggling back and forth between MSNBC and The Food Network.

Laid Back Style

Nate Berkus—you know Nate, the interior-design god of Oprah Winfrey fame—says, "Your home should rise up to greet you." But sometimes after being greeted, you just want to lounge. You don't want to entertain. You just want to sit in solitude and enjoy the lovely space you've created for yourself.

Ray's Wife Tells Tales

A storyteller came to Mississippi to weave her tales, only she didn't know it at the time. Diane Williams, 57, moved here from New Jersey because of a Mississippi farm boy.

Fussing and Cussing

Jackson is my boyfriend. I love this city. I've lived in Jackson for 11 years now and have met some of the finest people in the state. Among these mighty fine peeps, I especially enjoy the musicians. I'm so close with some, I've been their babysitter when a gig came up. But lately, I've noticed that some Jackson musicians are mudslinging at other musicians here in the city.

Tease photo

Urban Oasis

Michele Escude's dream is coming true this month in Fondren. circa., the new retail venue that she and her husband, Craig, created, opened for its soft launch in early November and will enjoy its grand opening during Fondren Unwrapped on Nov. 18.

Johnson Pushes For New Hwy 80 Zoning

Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. said he will propose a zoning change and improved code enforcement for the Highway 80 corridor to promote new development in the city.

Intoxicating Blues

Through decades of change and evolution in the Jackson music scene, Edward "King Edward" Antoine has held his ground. Planted firmly in his chair, King Edward picks his guitar and shares his music all over the country several nights a week, from Chicago to Louisiana to Texas and venues everywhere in between.

Republican Agenda Likely to Create Gridlock?

Republicans, who opposed much of President Barack Obama's agenda throughout the administration's first year, took control of the U.S. House of Representatives Nov. 2 and appear to consider their success a referendum upon the president's policies.

Teachers Fire Back at Film

In "Waiting for 'Superman,'" the provocative new documentary on America's education system, the trick is that the titular superhero doesn't exist. It argues that no single force will rescue the children who public schools, in their current state, are largely failing. But the film offers a clear Lex Luthor-esque villain in the form of teachers' unions.

Dr. Kimberly Hilliard

Dr. Kimberly Hilliard isn't one to make small plans. As the director of Jackson State University's Center for University-Based Development, Hilliard is on a mission to make west Jackson a more vibrant community by restoring homes and businesses.

Tuesday, November 9

[Balko] The Media Aren't Liberal

For the last few months, my colleague Matt Welch has been tracking the positions of California's newspapers on Proposition 19, the ballot measure that would have legalized marijuana for recreational use. At last count, 26 of the state's 30 largest dailies had run editorials on the issue, and all 26 (plus USA Today ) were opposed. This puts the state's papers at odds with nearly all of California's left-leaning interest groups, including the Green Party, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Service Employees International Union and the NAACP; progressive publications such The Nation, Salon and The Huffington Post; and a host of prominent liberal bloggers.

Beth Orlansky

Beth Orlanksy is using her past experiences reforming low-income child care to push for stronger payday-lending regulation in Mississippi.

Fairview Hearing, UMMC Research

The city's Planning Board will hold a hearing Wednesday, Nov. 17, on a permit application that would allow the Fairview Inn to apply for a permit to operate a public restaurant. The bed-and-breakfast located on North State Street includes a restaurant, Sophia's, that was open to the public from 2003 to 2009. Last year, the Mississippi Supreme Court granted a legal challenge to the restaurant by four neighbors who argued that the city's permit for the restaurant constituted illegal "spot zoning." In July, the City Council approved amendments to city ordinances that created a zoning category for historic houses with a bed-and-breakfast and public restaurant. Next week's hearing is on the inn's application for a use permit under the new amendment.

Mississippi Seeks BP Funds to Promote Gulf

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources officials are negotiating with BP for money to promote Gulf seafood, The Sun Herald reported today.

Monday, November 8

On Drinking Less and Getting Sleep

For the past few weeks I've been bothered by what I assume are allergies that have caused an interesting reaction -- if I drink even one mug of beer or a single glass of red wine, I will wake up with an excruciating headache around 1 a.m. The headaches seemed to be what people describe as "cluster headaches" -- the type where you consider banging your head against a wall in order to distract yourself from the pain.

New Levee Board Chairman, Finance Committee

The Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District Levee Board voted to elect Flowood Mayor Gary Rhoads chairman of the board and created a financing committee to fund flood control during today's meeting.

Community Events and Public Meetings

6 p.m., Jackson Touchdown Club Meeting at River Hills Country Club (3600 Ridgewood Road). Members of the athletic organization meet weekly during the football season and have access to meals, fellowship and the chance to listen to speakers from around the country. This week's speakers are representatives from the College & Pro Officials Clinic. $280 individual membership, $1200 corporate membership; call 601-955-5293 or 601-506-3186.

West Jackson Program Pushes for Residents

An underused federal lending program could bring new life to west Jackson. Jackson State University's Center for University-Based Development is throwing its support behind a push by Jackson-based mortgage lender Cornerstone Home Lending called the "WESToration Initiative."

Rev. Barron Banks

When Barron Banks was 18, federal marshals had to accompany him to the polling precinct in Tchula, Miss., so he could vote without getting harassed or beaten. Nearly five decades later, Banks says his position as Jackson's Ward 6 election commissioner could not have happened without the Civil Rights Movement.

JPD Officer Involved in Shooting

The Jackson Police Department is investigating a Sunday shooting that involved a Jackson Police Department officer, WAPT reported yesterday.

Friday, November 5

Did Fox News ‘Win' The Election?

I wasn't watching this as closely and didn't realize *exactly* how tied in they really are:

Interesting piece by Karl Frisch putting together the puzzle pieces on Fox News' political strategy. It's an ironic read on the same day that MSNBC suspended Keith Olbermann -- a person -- for contributing to candidate, when a "news" organization's corporate parent gives millions in campaigns (and tons of in-kind contributions).

Mississippi Hires First Medical Examiner in 15 Years

A former Alabama medical examiner with a history of high-profile international cases began his role as Mississippi's first medical examiner in 15 years on Nov. 1.

Susan Piedmont-Palladino

Susan Piedmont-Palladino believes that new technology can help make cities better.

Ward 1 Candidates Seek Weill's Seat

Ward 1 Councilman Jeff Weill's election to a Hinds County Circuit Court judge seat means a second mid-term vacancy for Jackson's Ward 1 council seat. Former Councilman Ben Allen abandoned the seat in 2007 for health reasons, he said then, triggering a special election that Weill won.

Start Your Weekend Here

This weekend is a great time for finding unique holiday gifts at the 30th annual Mistletoe Marketplace at the Mississippi Trade Mart (1200 Mississippi Street). Shop until 8 p.m. tonight or head over tomorrow from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. $10. If big crowds aren't your thing, head to New Stage Theatre (1100 Carlisle St., 601-948-3533) for a production of William Gibson's "The Miracle Worker" or to Jackson State's Rose E. McCoy Auditorium (601-979-4309) for a performance of Ernest Gaines' "A Lesson Before Dying." Both shows close tomorrow, so this is a great evening to go. Where's the one place to go for all of Jackson's happenings? The JFP Events Calendar, of course.

Thursday, November 4

Shops, Businesses, Personalities (and Remy!) Supporting BOOM Runway Show Nov. 12 at Duling Hall!

Just look at the line-up on board so far!

JFP and BOOM Jackson are as excited as we can be about our first BOOM runway show on Friday, Nov. 12, in Duling Hall in Fondren us for a three-part event: cocktail reception, runway show and VIP after-party with DJ Phingaprint. For one ticket price, you can eat, drink, enjoy beautiful clothes, support Dress for Success Metro Jackson, and leave with a seriously chic swag bag. You won't want to miss it!

State Denying Care for Disabled Children?

The Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities says the state Division of Medicaid is illegally cutting off children from the state's Disabled Children Living at Home program.

Runoff Scheduled for Priester-Southern Race

Hinds County residents in the county's first judicial sub-district have a second decision to make in their judicial election. Special Circuit Court Judge Melvin Priester and attorney Brent Southern will face each other in a run-off Nov. 23.

Bill Fletcher Jr.

Writer and activist Bill Fletcher Jr. wants more people to ask "Why?"

LeGrand: Mental Health Cuts ‘Devastating'

Read the Letter (PDF)

Wednesday, November 3

The Best In Sports In 7 Days

Doctor S sez: Have you heard about the new college football recruiting movie? It's called "The Price is Right."

‘Sweet Science' in Pearl

Boxing can help keep kids off the street and give them direction in their lives says former fighter turned boxing coach Bombay Higginbottom. He preaches that boxing teaches discipline and respect but cautions his fighters to keep a balanced attitude.

Change is Good

I usually talk about the pleasures of meat. I love meaty good meatness. But today, I diverge. Today's recipe is vegetarian. It could even be made vegan by substituting olive oil for the butter.

Beer Magic

Serve up a little bit of magic this Halloween with this throwback to the Irish Shandy, which is beer flavored with carbonated lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale or citrus flavored soda. In this remake, as you drop the shot into the lager, it changes color right before your eyes. Your friends will be mesmerized.

Staying Frugal and Sane

On my journey to frugality, I've discovered a myriad of blogs and books that describe all sorts of strategies for saving money. Some strategies I find extremely helpful, and others are simply extreme. While exploring ways to save money on groceries, I am also pursuing a balanced life.

Loving The Sinner

When I was about 9 years old, my cousin Kim and I got into a fight. I don't remember what we were fighting about, but I got so angry I picked up a vase and hit her in the mouth with it. A chip of her tooth flew across the room, and buckets of tears gushed through her closed eyes as she gripped her mouth shut.

Development Roundup: JRA Eyes Farish, Delays on Arena

The Jackson Redevelopment Authority's Oct. 27 board meeting saw few major steps forward but many hints at future projects.

PEER Questions Funding

The Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review is warning against the likelihood of the Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District Levee Board funding a lake or similar impoundment for flood control in the Pearl River.

Lessons From Texas?

The Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District can take a lesson from Fort Worth, Texas, Waggoner Engineering owner Joe Waggoner said at the Oct. 27 Levee Board meeting.

Convention Hotel Waits on Financing

It's been a little over a month since the Jackson Redevelopment Authority passed a resolution to issue up to $95 million in bonds for the proposed convention center hotel complex, but the project's developers are still trying to get a financial structure in place for the development to move forward.

Free the Scott Sisters

Gov. Haley Barbour should pardon Jamie and Gladys Scott—and not because we believe beyond a shadow of doubt that they are innocent. He should pardon them because they have done the time for the crime they are accused of committing.

[Stiggers] The Chitterling Holiday Season

Earnest "Monday Night Football Head" Walker: "Attention, Pork-N-Piggly shoppers: Now that the elections are over, it's time to enjoy the holiday seasons. As chief executive officer of Pork-N-Piggly supermarkets, I am happy to announce the start of the Chitterling (Chit-lin) Holiday Season."

Remember Sanity

When I was given the opportunity to go to Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity this past weekend, I jumped at the chance. I went to school in the Washington, D.C., area, and cut my activist teeth on Vietnam War demonstrations in the nation's capital and Equal Rights Amendment marches down Constitution Avenue to the west side of the U.S. Capitol building.

[Head] Don't Tread on Her

Whatever political ideology the Rand Paul supporters who attacked Lauren Valle last week might have claimed to have, they became fascists the moment they held her down and stomped her in the head.

Tease photo

The Tragic Case of the Scott Sisters

Jamie and Gladys Scott arrived at the Mini Mart gas station on Highway 35 in Forest, Miss., sometime between 10:30 and 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve 1993. It was just after Johnny Ray Hayes and Mitchell Duckworth had stopped in to purchase beer and gas after getting off work at McCarty Farms.

The Head of State

As long as there have been politics, there has been political art. From ancient times to modern, political art has found its place in society.

Back to the Source

About this time 150 years ago, Abraham Lincoln was elected president, an event so fraught with peril for southerners that within months, 11 states had seceded from the Union. While the cause of that secession was clear to everyone back in 1860 and 1861, the topic provokes all kinds of argument and disagreement today.

Fabulous Beats Reality

Americans prefer myth to history, asserts Jacksonian and Hinds Community College history professor Benjamin Cloyd. In a new book examining the realities of prisoner-of-war camps during the Civil War, Cloyd shows how our preference for fables inhibits a candid assessment of the evils committed during the Civil War and beyond.

Luck of the Draw

Every Sunday morning, the glorious sound of hymns fills the sanctuary of Northminster Baptist Church in Jackson. Behind every great choir, there's a great choir director, and at Northminster, it's Timothy "Tim" Coker.

Fireworks of the Heart

The Mississippi Opera will present its first show of the fall season, "Passion and Fireworks: The Heart of the Opera," Saturday, Nov. 6, at the Belhaven University Center for the Arts.

Entergy: Global Warming Threatens Coast

Entergy Corp. says the Mississippi Gulf Coast will suffer $370 billion in losses to global warming if power companies do not offset the amount of carbon they are putting into the environment.

Stopping the Swap

Hinds County's interest-rate swap won't always be the gift that keeps on giving. The fancy financial derivative deal has brought the county $4.4 million over four years thanks to historically low interest rates, county financial adviser Porter Bingham says. With the national economy on a glacially slow but eventual rise, though, the county may have the opportunity to end its swap with a profit, before interest rates begin climbing again in earnest.

Dr. Shirley Schlessinger

When Dr. Shirley Schlessinger was a young medical student at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, an encounter with a patient who desperately needed a transplant became the catalyst for devoting her career to organ recovery.

What does the term "Taking Back Our Country" Mean? And while we're at it…

... Can someone tell me why the folks who are "taking America back" are called "Patriots?" Why am I not one? and who are we "taking our country back from" anyway? Are we the "us" or the "them."

Mississippi Republicans Make Gains in Congress

Two Mississippi Blue Dog Democrats lost their seats in the U.S. House of Representatives in yesterday's midterm elections.

Bulldogs Mourn the Passing of Defensive End Nick Bell

Today great sadness affects two families.

The first family affected is that of Nick Bell and the other family is the teammates of Bell on the Mississippi State football team. Bell, a 20-year-old from Bessemer, Ala., lost his battle with cancer Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday, November 2

Design Competition; New Jobs; Biz Workshops

Mississippi State University's Jackson Community Design Center hosts "FORMcities: Urban/Divide Design Competition and Symposium" Nov. 4 through Nov. 6 in downtown Jackson. During the design competition, participants will select a site in Jackson and create a model of what that site could look like in 2100 using drawings, text and a plan for implementation. While the deadline has already passed to participate in the design competition, the public can register for the three-day event online.

Harvey Walden IV

Wearing military fatigues and shouting into his megaphone, Harvey Walden IV isn't afraid to push Hollywood celebrities to the limit. As the trainer on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club," Walden uses his 23 years of experience as a Marine to help celebrities get in shape.

[Balko] More Democracy, More Incarceration

Last year the U.S. prison population declined for the first time in a generation. That's good news, but it doesn't begin to offset the damage done by a 30-year incarceration binge that has made America far and away the democratic world's leader in putting people behind bars.

Henry Clay

Henry C. Clay III has been a part-time judge for a long time. Clay, 52, has served as a Jackson municipal court judge for the past 16 years, while simultaneously running a solo general litigation practice in Ridgeland. Clay is one of two challengers for the Hinds County Court seat currently occupied by Judge Houston Patton.

Get Your Vote On: Open Election Thread

Area polls are open until 7 p.m. tonight for voters to elect county and circuit court judges and send their candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Monday, November 1

Looking for a Wake Up Call

Each night before I go to bed, I have lofty goals for the next morning. I set my alarm for 5:30 and I envision jumping out of bed and heading to the gym. But more often than not, I end up hitting the snooze button for another two hours, because I love to sleep. So, I'm looking for a wake up call. I need someone to get me out of bed. If you have recommendations on how to find a wake up call at 5:30 a.m, please let me know.

Mississippi Pols Predict Blue Dog Defeat

Mississippi politicos today predicted big election wins for Republican candidates running against Mississippi conservative Democrats in the congressional elections, but expected few gains from Congress if Republicans took control.

Hinds Election Feud Heats Up

A spat between Hinds County Election Commissioners spilled over into a county Board of Supervisors meeting today, with suggestions of voting machine tampering and possibly compromised elections. With elections scheduled for tomorrow, District 2 Election Commissioner Bobbie Graves told the board that a conflict between her and the commission's chief machine technician made it impossible for her to be certain that the elections would proceed fairly.

Council to Push for Permanent Tourism Bureau

The Jackson City Council is expected to vote tomorrow on a resolution asking the state Legislature to support a law that would make future re-authorizations of the Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau unnecessary.

Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan hopes to change federal border and trade policies by organizing a photography exhibit on the harmful environmental affects and habit disruptions from a newly constructed U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Community Events and Public Meetings

6 p.m., Jackson Touchdown Club Meeting at River Hills Country Club (3600 Ridgewood Road). Members of the athletic organization meet weekly during the football season and have access to meals, fellowship and the chance to listen to speakers from around the country. This week's speaker is Dan Mullen, head football coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs. $280 individual membership, $1200 corporate membership; call 601-955-5293 or 601-506-3186.

Saints Defense Holds Off Steelers, 20-10

Their answer on Sunday night -- maybe, but they'll play with the headache anyway... and get a W.

Going into Sunday night's game, the defending Super Bowl champs of 2009 -- the New Orleans Saints -- were slight underdogs to the Super Bowl champs of 2008 -- the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers' consistency had netted them a record of 6-1; the Saints inconsistency had them struggling to stay above .500, with commentators wondering aloud if the Saints were experiencing a Super Bowl hangover.

Barbour Advocates Cutting U.S. Budget Despite Aid

Despite the federal government's role in helping Mississippi shore up the state budget, Gov. Haley Barbour touted the GOP's promise to cut $100 billion out of the federal budget on the "Early Show" this morning.