[Stiggers] Turkey Day Parade


Ken Stiggers

Miss Doodle Mae: "As the holiday season approaches, Jojo's Discount Dollar Store is gearing up for a special event during Thanksgiving. It's an event the financially challenged community will enjoy. If you love a parade, join the Jojo's Discount Dollar staff, Pork-N-Piggly Supermarkets, Let Me Hold Five Dollars National Bank, Hair Did University School of Cosmetology, The Ghetto Science Team and more as they march down the pothole-ridden Ghetto Main Street in the ‘Financially Challenged Turkey Day Parade.'

"All the fun and fabulous parade floats are made by students from the mechanical-shop classes of Cootie Creek County Community College and the Ghetto Science Team Technical Institute. Reverend Cletus and his deacon mechanics will provide all of the transportation services for the parade. Look for the hybrid hoopties to carry many of the floats you will see this Thanksgiving.

"If you like the beat of the drums, the blare of the horns and the fancy uniforms, come and watch the Battle of the Vocational College Bands, featuring the Hair Did University Fighting Professionals versus the Ghetto Science Team Technical Institute's Talented 100. Chief Crazy Brother and the Ghetto Science Team's Repertory Theater will perform a thought-provoking mobile drama titled ‘For Black Brothers Who Considered Robbing Somebody When They Couldn't Find a Job in the Recession.'

"Remember: Don't let deep, dark depression, excessive misery and results from the past election break your spirits this holiday season. Come and enjoy the ‘Financially Challenged Turkey Day Parade.'"


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