Fussing and Cussing


Mud slinging has never gotten musicians too far—even rappers.

Jackson is my boyfriend. I love this city. I've lived in Jackson for 11 years now and have met some of the finest people in the state. Among these mighty fine peeps, I especially enjoy the musicians. I'm so close with some, I've been their babysitter when a gig came up. But lately, I've noticed that some Jackson musicians are mudslinging at other musicians here in the city.

And I thought the Tupac-Biggie Smalls rivalry was off the chain.

I just don't get it. There is no need for anyone to talk trash about anyone else, because we are all in the same business: We perform our songs and do what makes our souls shine, right?

I don't know if these mud-slingers are jealous of others' successes, aggravated at themselves because their own musical career hasn't gone in the direction they wanted to go, or they just want to be the jackass in the pasture kicking up all the dirt.

Let's all help one another by putting our differences aside, instead of hurling negative, often misguided comments at fellow musicians by making snarky remarks on social-networking sites or via mass e-mail.

Musicians who are serious about their craft always welcome constructive criticism when there is no malice behind it. Jackson can't have a rich music scene if everyone's fussing and cussing at each other. Let the haters and naysayers burn in their own frustrations. Because we're in this together, let's do this together. My boyfriend deserves it.

On Nov. 10, catch one of my favorite singers/songwriters Larry Brewer at Fenian's (request "Motor Car," a superb original of his) at 9 p.m. Guitar hero Barry Leach performs at Hal & Mal's. Nov. 11, Chris Gill and D'Mar shake things up from 5:30-9:30 p.m. at Burgers and Blues, and country legend Charlie Louvin brings his "Tallahatchie Hayride" (the annual country music festival) to Delta State's Bologna Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m. Call 662-846-4626 or 662-846-4792 for ticket information.

I'm looking forward to singing with fellow band mates Clinton Kirby and Steve Deaton when their alt-country band Buffalo Nickel performs at Ole Tavern Nov. 12. These guys have done it all: opened for Wilco, Junior Brown, Shooter Jennings, played at SXSW. John Hawkins and Denny Burkes, from one of Jackson's favorite bands Men of Leisure, join the boys on their honk-and-roll quest, so it's a show you don't want to miss. Check out Emma Wynters at Kathryn's the same night, as well as Danny and Nick at the Irish Frog, and Kenny Hollywood at Queen of Hearts.

Nov. 13, Martin's welcomes Archnemesis Members of Telepath and MO Theor. If you're an '80s wild child like I am with an itching to perm your hair and jack it to the high heavens while rocking your stonewashed denim jacket, then head to Fire for the Motley Crue and Poison tribute bands Red, White, and Crue and Poison'd. You don't need anything but a good time, a Bic lighter and an armband this weekend. If you see me out and about, walk on up and say "Hello!"

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