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FeedJXN: Dining with Dignity Pop-up Restaurant

Honoring National Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Week for the fourth consecutive year, Dining with Dignity brings local chefs, business professionals and volunteers together for a five-star fine dining experience fit for our displaced community.

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Hyde-Smith Blocks Gun Checks as School Shooting Unfolds in California

U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, an NRA-endorsed Republican, blocked a universal background-checks bill this morning around the same time a teenage gunman in Santa Clarita, Calif., carried out a mass shooting at his high school.

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DOSSIER: From Bashing 'Boys of Spring' to Unpacking a Mississippi-Brexit Love Affair

"TV networks may live and die on ratings and people screaming opinions at each other from two "sides," but our democracy really can't take much more of this kind of dangerous political gamesmanship."

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Dozens of Sewer Failures Require Millions in Emergency City Funds to Repair

The City of Jackson need to allocate as much as $5 million to fix 50 sewer failures throughout Jackson, although more money may be necessary to fix them all. The Jackson City Council will vote on the additional funding, but it is unclear when.

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Flags Lowered After Death of Ex Mississippi House Speaker

Gov. Phil Bryant ordered flags to be flown at half-staff to honor former Mississippi House Speaker Billy McCoy. The Democrat from Prentiss County died Tuesday at age 77.

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Gabe Grothe

What started as a summer job for a young Gabe Grothe turned into his life-long passion. Landscaping, Grothe says, is an art form that encompasses more than just mowing a yard and planting some shrubs.

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MSU Chairs of Honor, Millsaps Math Competition and JSU Bowling Night Out

Mississippi State University unveiled permanent POW/MIA chairs of honor inside Davis Wade Stadium, Humphrey Coliseum and Dudy Noble Field in honor of service members on Veterans Day.

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Marvin Terry

A defensive touchdown capped a spectacular game for Delta State University linebacker Marvin Terry. His eight yard touchdown return helped DSU win its third straight game and keep any Division II playoff hopes alive.

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Takeaways so Far from House Public Impeachment Hearings

Wednesday’s start of public impeachment hearings unfolding in Congress marked the first time that the American public could watch and listen to the witnesses whose testimony is at the center of the Democrats’ investigation.

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Watson: Mississippi Should Change Multipart Election System

Republican Michael Watson, Mississippi’s incoming secretary of state, says he will work to change a Jim Crow-era election system that requires multiple steps for statewide races.

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