Civil Rights

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Nominees Share History of Slavery, Plantations, Seg Academies in Natchez Senate Race

Republican Melanie Sojourner told the Jackson Free Press on Oct. 24 that she did not know as a young girl that the school she attended had been organized as a segregation academy at a time when white parents pulled their children out of public schools in response to court-ordered integration.

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OPINION: Confederate Monuments and White Victimhood

"I think that when white Confederate sympathizers demand that we honor their dead, they ignobly play the victims twice over."

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Mike Espy to Trump: 'This Isn't a Lynching, Mr. President'

President Donald Trump's claim that he is the victim of "a lynching" in the ongoing impeachment inquiry is "disgraceful" and akin to the U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's "public hanging" remark last year, Democrat Mike Espy said in an email to supporters on Tuesday.

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OPINION: Till's Memorial May Be Bulletproof, but America Still Needs Racial Healing

"A bulletproof sign means nothing without justice for Emmett Till and his family. It means nothing if we don't use our circles of influence to help bring about racial healing."

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BRICE: Pick Up Elijah Cummings’ Torch

"It is we the living who are left behind that must stand in (Elijah Cummings') absence and speak for him. The road for a black man in America has been paved with pain since his forefathers were forced from Ivory shores and distant lands."

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The Street That Jim Crow Paved

Mobile Street in Hattiesburg served as one of Mississippi's most important hubs of black entrepreneurship, professional life, commerce and, later, a crucible of civil-rights activism that would have ramifications across the state and the nation.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Dehumanization Spreads Racism, Destroys Lives

Dehumanizing other human beings, as Trump does with about any person of color who dares criticize him, is ripping our country apart, just like it did during the Civil Rights Movement and back when the South fought the Civil War to continue its right to dehumanize and enslave human beings and to force new states to allow it.

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The Thin Line Between LGBT and Racist Hate

Echoes of Mississippi's discriminatory history continue to make themselves heard, sometimes in the form of so-called "religious liberty" laws that give businesses and organization wide berth to invoke their religion to justify discriminating against LGBT people.

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Sheriff, ACLU Propose Plan in Mississippi Racial Bias Case

A central Mississippi sheriff's department would adopt an "unbiased policing policy" and set new rules about traffic checkpoints and encounters with pedestrians, under a proposed agreement in a racial profiling lawsuit.

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Emmett Till Cousin on Inquiry: 'What is the Holdup?'

The government is still investigating the brutal slaying of Emmett Till, a black teenager whose death helped spur the civil rights movement more than 60 years ago.

Same-Sex Marriage Hearing

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James Meredith Press Conference

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Freedom Summer: Activist Photographers

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Lumumba's "Celebration of Life"

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A Night of Civil Rights

On Monday night, people came to visit local legends of the civil rights movement assembled ...

Civil Rights Museum Groundbreaking

The State-funded Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History broke ground on October ...

Without Apology: JWHO Rally

On Saturday, dozens of supporters of Mississippi's only abortion clinic were outside to show support ...