Eating Out

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Spice Up Your Routine at Abeba

Not even a year after opening the Abeba Ethiopian Restaurant, owner and chef Molley Woldtnsea is shaking things up.

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Rise of the Foodies

There has never been a better time to be a foodie in Jackson. A decade ago, the city enjoyed plenty of quality chefs, but diners rarely knew them by name.

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Where's the Smoke?

Any lover of Memphis-style barbecue knows the first rule of a good barbecue joint is judged with the nose.

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Pop-Up Pizza

It seems like Jesse Houston won't be satisfied until he's put his spin on every cuisine in town. In addition to running the popular downtown eatery Parlor Market as its Chef de Cuisine, Houston regularly surprises local foodies with one-night-only pop-up restaurant events.

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Kitchen Clash

Let the battle begin! After just one hour, a winner will emerge and be crowned Iron Chef when the Ferguson Kitchen brings the Iron Chef battle to Jackson.

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A Few Green Flecks Never Hurt Anyone

I guess you could say I'm a picky eater. I still don't eat my vegetables, and to this day I have a weird thing about eating tomatoes that are bigger than diced-size pieces. I also firmly believe that the slightest taste of olives promptly ruins everything.

Unique Food Finds: Oxtails

The world of food is riddled with the contributions of countless cultures, languages, and centuries of morphing and modification. One such area that has been especially touched by language is the art of butchering, specifically when it comes to cattle.

Take Mom Out on Her Day

One of the best ways to show mom how much you care is to have someone else do all the cooking and cleanup on her special day. If your cooking skills won't fit the bill, take her to one of these Jackson-area restaurants for a scrumptious treat—along with cards, flowers, and maybe a mani and pedi.

Favorite Meals

Jackson has a diverse selection of restaurants to choose from. Try some of these meals at my favorite places.

What is your favorite dish at a Jackson-area restaurant?

We ask you, JFP faithful, what sets your mouth drooling? And we received some (very) tasty replies.

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Local Chefs at the Farmer's Market

The chefs from Parlor Market and Cotton Kitchen joined the festivities at the Mississippi Farmer's ...