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Brees Faces Manning in a Mile High Showdown

New Orleans gets a chance to get one game away from .500 tonight on Sunday Night Football against Denver. The Saints need to win this game to keep their slim playoff chances alive and the Broncos (contrary to how the national media portrays them) are a beatable team. Last week the Saints got their second win of the season in a 35-28 victory against Tampa Bay. New Orleans started slowly before quarterback Drew Brees went off in the second quarter against the Buccaneers defense.

NFL: Quick Thoughts & Week Eight Picks

This is worth repeating after Tampa Bay proved me wrong on Thursday and beat the Minnesota Vikings. Parity is in full effect in the NFL this season.... There is going to be a team that started slowly and makes the NFL Playoffs. My personal pick is the New Orleans Saints and that pick looks even better if the Saints win against the Broncos on Sunday night.

Separation Saturday and Week 9 College Football Picks

Currently there are 11 undefeated teams in college football. Louisville stayed undefeated after escaping at home against Cincinnati on Friday night with their 34-31 win. Only 10 of the undefeated teams have any hope of playing in a BCS game. Ohio State is undefeated but ineligible for a bowl game this season because of NCAA sanctions.

Weekly Look Back & Look Forward: Heading to Week 9

College football hasn't been bad to Mississippi for the most part this season. There is hope everywhere, unless you're a USM fan, and you can check out last week's games in the JFP print edition or [follow this link][1]. The big winner last week was Mississippi State. The Bulldogs took care of everything in front of them to setup a showdown this week against Alabama.

Saints Go for Two Wins in A Row Against Tampa Bay

New Orleans got their first win of the season against San Diego right before heading into their bye week. A week off set off a new round of bounty gate but that doesn't matter because all the players appealed their suspensions and will be allowed to play this week and keep playing until their appeal hearing has taken place.

NFL: Quick Thoughts & Week Seven Picks

It was Interception Sunday in the NFL last Sunday........ Last week it seemed interceptions were coming as fast as quarterbacks could throw them. I counted all the interceptions from last week and their was 38 thrown from Thursday night to Monday night.

All SEC Title Game in 2013 & Week Eight Winners

The first BCS poll was released last Sunday and rumblings around the nation are already starting about an all SEC championship Game again. The SEC was the first conference to feature two teams in the title game last year when Alabama and LSU met in a rematch.

Weekly Look Back & Look Forward: Heading to Week 8

Four year schools had a great week with everybody getting a win but Southern Miss and Mississippi College. To read a full recap pick up a copy of this week's Jackson Free Press or [follow this link][1].

NFL: Quick Thoughts & Week Six Picks

This season in the NFL has lacked week to week constancy by most teams in the NFL. That was most evident on Thursday night as the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Tennessee Titans.

Going for Six and Week 7 College Football Picks

Six a the magic number in college football. Yes, touchdowns count for six points but there a six in college football that is just as important. Every team in college football wants to reach the magical six win mark to become bowl eligible. There are five teams with the necessary six wins already, they are the Ohio Bobcats, Tulsa Golden Hurricane Oregon Ducks, Ohio State Buckeyes and South Carolina Gamecocks.

Weekly Look Back & Look Forward: Heading to Week 7

College football finishes rounding the midway point this weekend. Last week was great for some and painful to watch for others. If you missed anything, check out the recap in this week's JFP or [with this link][1].

MSU to Meet Oklahoma State in New College Football Classic

ESPN sent out a press release that Mississippi State will face Oklahoma State in the newly created Texas Football Classic which will be held in Houston at Reliant Stadium. Here is a link to the [full press release][1].

Tonight is Do or Die for the Saints Against the Chargers

There has been a ton of talk spent this week on New Orleans Saints' quarterback Drew Brees having a chance to break Johnny Unitas 47 game streak with a touchdown pass. Currently Brees is tied with the late hall of fame quarterback Unitas. I'm sure if you asked Brees, he would give up every record he has ever achieved in the NFL for a couple of wins this season. At 0-4, New Orleans is sitting on the brink of disaster this season.

Showdown Saturday & Week Six College Football Picks

The Leaves have begun to fall and the weather is changing from the heat of September to the cooler temperatures of October. College football doesn't cool down with the weather it only begins to get hotter. Gone are the September routs of weak scheduling of out of conference opponents. Finally, conference games are in full swing and their will be no where for the pretenders to hide.

NFL: Quick Thoughts on Week Four & Week Five Picks

The first month of the NFL season is in the books and it has been a strange four weeks so far. At the quarter turn mark several of last year's playoff teams have started slowly or darn right awful. It is widely know that each year, nearly half the playoff teams from the year before fail to make the playoffs. Here is a quick look at last year's playoff teams.

Weekly Look Back & Look Forward: Heading to Week 6

This week in the [JFP we went streaking][1] (figuratively not literally, no one wants to see that) in the look back portion of our weekly look at college football in Mississippi. Looking forward this is an interesting week.