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Journey Stories

A Smithsonian Institute traveling exhibit, "Journey Stories" examines physical, mental and emotional journeys that have crafted American history.

Emmett Till

I don't think I'll ever forget the horrific photo of Emmett Till's open casket.

Renaissance Fine Arts Festival

If, like me, you're looking for an excuse to go to Fresh Market, the Renaissance Fine Arts Festival is a good reason.

The Chitlin Circuit Review

Featuring art by Rik Freeman, "The Chitlin Circuit Review" documents the development of blues music and culture in the United States.

Power APAC Visual Arts Student Exhibit

I've always been amazed at the immense talent the visual arts students at Power APAC possess. Students as young as 10 years old have refreshing artistic insight into historical events, social situations and ordinary inanimate objects.

An Evening With P. Sanders McNeal

The trial of Byron De La Beckwith for the murder of Jackson civil-rights activist Medgar Evers is a monumental event in local history. P. Sanders McNeal, a Jackson courtroom sketch artist, was part of it all.

New Eyes

Last fall, members of The Journey, a Jackson church community that meets in Hal & Mal's, gave disposable cameras to 12 children who live near Cherokee Heights in Fondren. They photographed pets, family members, friends—things that were special to them. At the end of the week, the kids returned the cameras, and The Journey got started developing and framing their work, which will hang in Sneaky Beans through April. The kids' images are whimsical, sometimes random and beautifully simple. Some of the young artists will attend the reception. Call 769-232-5881.

"Scholastic Art Awards of 2009

I have to admit: Even I was a bit shocked when I saw some of the submissions for this year's Scholastic Art Awards. They were absolutely brilliant and refreshing. With more than 2,000 submissions from students in grades 7-12 from around Mississippi, the Alliance for Young Artists judges the entries and assigns awards to the top artists.

"Nudes and Figurative Works"

"Nudes and Figurative Works"• Currently hanging• Fischer Gallery• Free

"Grandma's Hands"

"Grandma's Hands: Celebrating the Underground Railroad Quilt Codes"

CelticFest 2013

Jackson's annual celebration of Celtic food, music, and dance was held at the Ag Museum ...

Sweet Soirée

JSU's Gallery 1 held a "Sidewalk Soirée" in celebration of Tony Davenport's artwork on September ...