"Grandma's Hands"


The quilting pattern "Shoofly" is one of many displayed in "Grandma's Hands: Celebrating the Underground Railroad Quilt Codes."

"Grandma's Hands: Celebrating the Underground Railroad Quilt Codes"
• Smith Robertson Museum
• Admission $4.50

The first time I ever went to Smith Robertson Museum was a school trip with my third-grade class to see a quilt exhibit. I was too young to appreciate the patience of the art form, the beauty of the colors and patterns, and the historical significance of the pieces. Now, however, Jacksonians and I have the unique opportunity to view and learn from the art of quilting again. But these aren't your grandma's quilts. In fact, a 27-year-old Tougaloo graduate, Ravin Hill, made the quilts on exhibit in "Grandma's Hands," featuring quilt patterns that slaves used during the Underground Railroad era, based on a book of the same subject.


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