Frank Melton

Melton Mentees Get Second Chance

The late Mayor Frank Melton may well be smiling from his grave over the good fortune bestowed by Gov. Haley Barbour and the city of Jackson to two of the troubled men he mentored over the years.

Where's Melton's portrait?

Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. appears to be taking his time in hanging a portrait of his predecessor up in City Hall. Part of the delay, however, stems from the fact that the City Council hasn't bothered to hang up Johnson's portrait from his first term.

Ghosts of Frank Melton

Leave it to Frank Melton to live among strangeness even after his death.

Court Ends Melton Business Battle

The Mississippi Supreme Court closed another distant chapter in the litigious mayoral career of Frank Melton this week, when it affirmed a lower court's decision to dismiss a temporary restraining order that business owner Charlotte Reeves filed in 2007 to protect her company from demolition.

Stokes Disputes Ledger Allegations

Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes fired back at the Clarion-Ledger this morning for what he considered inaccurate reporting on his poor attendance at city council meetings and his taxpayer-funded travel.

City Threatens Ridgeway Duplex Owner

City's letter to Jennifer Sutton (PDF)

Former Melton Bodyguards to Pay $20K Restitution

by Ward Schaefer January 21, 2010 Michael Recio and Marcus Wright, the former police bodyguards for the late Mayor Frank Melton, must pay $10,000 each in restitution for their roles in the 2006 warrantless demolition of a private home on Ridgeway Street, a federal judge ruled yesterday.

Council Votes to Pay Bodyguards' Legal Fees

The Jackson City Council agreed to finally pay attorney's fees for former city employees Marcus Wright and Michael Recio today. Former bodyguards of deceased Mayor Frank Melton, both men were with Melton when he oversaw the illegal demolition of a home on Ridgeway Street in 2006.

Council to Vote on Melton's Legal Fees

On tomorrow's agenda for the Jackson City Council is the question of whether to pay former Mayor Frank Melton's legal fees and those of his two bodyguards. City Attorney Pieter Teeuwissen and Councilman Kenneth Stokes are bringing the question to the council Tuesday, according to WAPT.

Jackson Nightclubs Central in Lawsuits

Controversies surrounding two Jackson nightclubs have put the clubs in the center of separate lawsuits, one as a defendant, the other as the plaintiff.