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JFP Editor, CEO and co-founder Donna Ladd is a graduate of Mississippi State and Columbia j-school. As a huge Dak Prescott fan, she is adjusting to her new allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys.

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COVID-19 Cases in 71 Mississippi Counties, Total 663 with 13 Deaths

Today’s coronavirus numbers are in for Mississippi, leaving very few counties on the map in white, denoting which of our 82 counties do not yet have an official confirmed case. Today, MSDH added 84 cases to bring the total to 663 with 13 deaths. Of 82 counties, 71 now are reporting at least one case of COVID-19.

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UPDATE: Four Mississippi Men, One Woman Die from COVID-19 as State Cases Rise to 377

Men from Holmes, Webster and Wilkinson counties and a woman from Tunica county are the second, third, fourth and fifth person to die from the coronavirus in the state, the Mississippi State Department of Health announced today.

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Up 159% Up Since Friday, Mississippi COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise, Spread

This weekend just saw its second huge spike in coronavirus cases in Mississippi, continuing to spread throughout the state and jumping to 207 cases today from a total of 140 Saturday and 80 on Friday.

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Mississippi COVID-19 Cases Rise to 21 with 6 in Hinds, National Guard Activated

The day after Gov. Tate Reeves activated the National Guard to help, the number of officially confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Mississippi rose to 21 on the Mississippi State Department of Health's website.

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EDITOR'S LETTER: Keep Calm, Stay Safe and Flatten the Curve

"Flattening the curve" matters. We can all help limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in our own communities by social distancing, avoiding groups and staying home as much as possible. Do it.

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URGENT: Two Hinds County Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed Today, 10 Total in State

The Mississippi State Department of Health <added four new confirmed cases of the coronavirus to its website this morning—two of them in the Jackson metro area of Hinds County

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Gang Bill Trying to Be a Baby RICO Mob Bill, But Too Wide, Critics Say

The Jackson Free Press recently asked Sen. Brice Wiggins if his push for Senate Bill 2459 is a way for Mississippi to have its own little Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. He looked surprised at the question, but answered yes.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: In Love, Life and Work, Do the Right Thing and Wait

"The word 'power is often misused. It's not about money or controlling everything. To me, showing unconditional love for a partner, a city, a state or a nation through the toughest times is the most powerful one can be. And I couldn't be prouder than the man on this crazy journey with me."

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Jackson’s Need for a Collaborative ‘Growth Mindset’

"On vexing community issues like violence, we can find and embrace solutions that are evidence-tested in other cities and that make a hell of a lot of sense for Jackson if we bother to get off the mental treadmill."

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DOSSIER: Shame on WLBT for Dishonoring Past with Empty Crime Rhetoric

WLBT, the NBC affiliate of the Atlanta-based Gray Television, climbed fully on board with U.S. Attorney Hurst's false rhetoric that Jackson leaders and other locals are somehow "denying" gun violence in the capital city.

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