Stories for March 2005


Thursday, March 31

Blues Divas on PBS

The 8-hour TV series "BLUES DIVAS" world premieres on MPB/PBS starting Thursday, April 7,

9 p.m. and runs for 8 weeks in that slot. The Blues Divas documentary was Directed and Produced by Robert Mugge. Executive producer, Ty Warren. With: Morgan Freeman, Irma Thomas, Odetta, Mavis Staples, Deborah Coleman, Bettye LaVette, Ann Peebles, Renee Austin, Denise LaSalle.

[Just In] JPS Superintendent's Remarks on Full Funding

These are the remarks of Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Earl Watkins today at a press conference at the Department of Education calling for the governor and the hold-out members of the Senate to adequately fund public education.

Live From Starkville

ESPN2 has announced that it's going to show Mississippi State's spring football game on April 9 at 1 p.m. The natural question is WHY? Doctor S knows: This is the only way ESPN can insure that it will televise an MSU victory in 2005.

Wednesday, March 30

ISSUE: As The Housing Crumbles

March 30, 2005 In his Feb. 14, 2005, press conference in front of Bobbie Johnson's house on Lamar Court, mayoral candidate Frank Melton complained that "half" the housing in Jackson is crumbling. It's hard to quantify the figure Melton used, but there are indeed several neighborhoods and clusters of houses that are either abandoned and rundown or occupied and unlivable.

Election Watch: City Council, Ward 2

March 30, 2005 Candidates for Ward 2 include incumbent Democrat Leslie Burl McLemore, a JSU political science professor who helps organize the annual Fannie Lou Hamer school, specializing in recognizing both the sacrifices lost and the rights won during the Civil Rights Movement. McLemore has held the position as Ward 2's councilman for six years, and currently heads the City Council as president.

DIY: How To Feng Shui

Laurel Isbister is a name known to Jacksonians, but most know her only as a folk singer. But Laurel has also been a practicioner of a Chinese art known as "feng shui" since 1999, when she would make the three-hour drive from her Los Angeles home to attend a feng shui workshop in San Diego.

‘We Can No Longer Hide'

On March 23, in the middle of a budget stand-off, House Speaker Billy McCoy, D-Rienzi, warned that the state budget will have some holes that will hurt Mississippians if the Senate refuses to work with the House to raise some form of revenue.

The Best in Sports in the Next 7 Days

Thursday, March 31

College Basketball: NIT championship (6 p.m., ESPN): Finally, we learn who has the 65th-best team in the NCAA. Don't miss it.

[Wine] The Many Faces of Riesling

Looking for a sweet wine? Try a Riesling. Looking for a dry wine? Try a Riesling. Looking for a dessert wine? Try a Riesling.

Tevye And His Kids

Look out: Here come the kids. New Stage Theatre is presenting "Fiddler on the Roof Jr." March 30 through April 3. Fiddler, directed by Kate Roselle, consists of a 34-member cast raging in age from 7 to 17. "About half of the cast is experienced actors. We have quite a few who haven't acted before. They work well together, and it gives the people with experience an opportunity to lead," Roselle said.

Crossroads Film Festival: Mississippi Filmmakers On Screen

We all know that Mississippi is the "crossroads" where the blues were born. But, of late, the state is coming into its creative own in many artistic areas. Film is one of our new frontiers.

Jackson ministers to endorse Mayor Johnson

Mayor Johnson Nominated for World Mayor 2005

Eating Popcorn and Paying Dues

This week marks the Sixth Annual Crossroads Film Festival, and in this issue of the Jackson Free Press you'll find reviews, recommendations and a program guide to give you a sense of what to look for this Thursday through Sunday as the film festival is going on. I hope, if you're reading these words, you'll make an effort to attend. It takes all of us to bring quality independent film to Jackson, and attending the Crossroads Film Festival is a big part of making that possible.

[Crossroads] JFP Picks & Reviews

Whether you've already bought into the anti-corporate, "Think Global, Shop Local" mantra, or you're just trying to figure out what all the Wal-Mart bashing is really about, Lori Cheatle and Daisy Wright's "This Land Is Your Land" is the perfect primer to what corporations are doing, or trying to do, to America.

Robert Mugge

Bob Mugge, 54, born in Chicago to parents from the Deep South, has traveled the region, filming the music he loves for over 30 years.

Shining Stars

On Saturday, April 2, the stars will shine for those looking for a glamorous, star-studded way to spend the evening when Tougaloo College hosts the third annual Two Rivers Gala fund raiser featuring Jeffrey Osborne, Najee and Shirley Brown, among other entertainers. Proceeds from the annual event benefit the private, historically black liberal-arts institution.

[Breaking] Education Funding Talks Break Down

[Just in from a "plumber" (our new word for unnamed source)]: "Budget negotiations, especially funding for education have completely broken down. The House has held firm for (close to) full funding of the MAEP. The Senate began showing movement towards a tobacco tax last night until Barbour started making calls (read "threats"). Legislators will be on MS Pub Broadcasting's "Quorum" tonight at 7:00pm. Watch and call in with questions! Click for how to help get education fully funded ...

[Fleming] Our Place in Paradise

"One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: 'Aren't you the Christ? Save yourself and us!' But the other criminal rebuked him. 'Don't you fear God,' he said, 'since you are under the same sentence? We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.' Then he said, 'Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.' Jesus answered him, 'I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.'"

Jasmine Gargoum

Politics and theater go hand in hand for Jasmine Gargoum, 21. A Millsaps senior whose double major is theater and political science, she has experience in the real world with both fields. For almost a year she has been employed as the office assistant at the State Democratic Headquarters.

[Stiggers] Antique Road Show With Grandpa Pookie

Live from Rico Tee's Pawn Shop and One Stop Liquor Store/Utility Payment Center, it's the Financially Challenged Antique Road Show.

Monday, March 28

URGENT: How to Help Get Education Funded NOW

Please call the House members and encourage them to hold their position in

The conference committee on HB 1646 (MAEP funding) is still negotiating. The House, under the leadership of Rep. Cecil Brown, is holding out for full funding. The Senate, under the leadership of Sen. Mike Chaney, is not there yet.

Mayor Johnson Weekly Newsletter 3/28

JATRAN Acquires Six New Handilift Busses. Last Monday, JATRAN (Jackson Public Transportation Co., Inc.) unveiled one of its new 2005 Ford Starcraft Cutaway Handilift paratransit vehicles. The new vehicles seat sixteen passengers plus two wheel chairs or twenty walk-on passengers. JATRAN has a total of 9 paratransit vehicles in its fleet.

Saturday, March 26

The Food Also Rises: Easter Dining

For some families and many Christian denominations, it's traditional to begin Easter Sunday with a sunrise worship service. Jacksonians without a particular church home—or looking to start the day with a more diverse congregation—can join together at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum at 7 a.m. March 27 with Dr. Dolphus Weary of Mission Mississippi as the speaker. Or, join The Journey at Smith Park at 10 a.m. for dance, music, worship and a free meal.

Friday, March 25

C-L: Auditor's MBN probe supports few charges

The Clarion-Ledger reports:

Bush Approval Slipping With Men, Conservatives

AP is reporting:

President Bush's job approval slipped into the mid 40s in national polls released this week as he lost some support among men and other groups of core supporters. Public approval for Bush slipped from 52 percent in a CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll over the weekend to 45 percent in that same poll released Thursday. A CBS News poll released earlier in the week found Bush's approval slipping six points to 43 percent.

Auditor's MBN Probe Supports Few Charges

The Clarion-Ledger reports:

Thursday, March 24

JSU April Events

MPB to Broadcast JFP Editorial Friday A.M.

[Editorial] Mr. Barbour: It's Time to Start Governing

Listen to Mississippi Public Broadcasting Friday morning at 5:35 and 7:35 to hear an excerpt from the JFP's most recent editorial read as part of "Opinion Round-up." Following is the excerpt you will hear:

Score (Another) One for Big Business

The only bill to survive the Labor Committee, chaired by Rep. Harvey Moss, D-Alcorn, is one that benefits big business rather than workers. The lone bill, SB 2480, would lower unemployment contributions and tap into the $740 million Unemployment Benefit Trust Fund to increase funds for work-force training—while decreasing funds for the unemployed.

Mississippi Opera Season Finale

The Mikado Sat., April 9, 7:30 p.m. The Mikado's rousing and recognizable music by Arthur Sullivan combines with W.S. Gilbert's political satire to create possibly the most popular of all Gilbert & Sullivan's operettas. The exotic Japanese locale serves as window dressing for a satire of human nature and political hypocrisy inherent in any time and place, which is at the core of this comic masterpiece. Cast: Lester Senter, William Fulton, Heather Clancy Allen and more. Thalia Mara Hall, 201 E. Pascagoula St. $20-$50, 877-MSOPERA.

Wednesday, March 23

Frank Melton to North Jackson: "It's Over!"

Mayoral hopeful Frank Melton has called his race against Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. before it ever began. "It's over!" he exclaimed to 35 wealthy women gathered at a breakfast meet-and-greet-and-fund-raise event Monday, March 14, at Bravo! restaurant in Highland Village. At the same event, he told them he needed to raise a half-million dollars for his campaign to unseat Johnson and needed their help.

[Alert] Support Public Education Today

Here's what you can do right now to demand full funding of Adequate Education. An alert just in from Parents for Public Schools; the Jackson Free Press stands with PPS on this issue. Please pick up the telephone now. Keep reading to see who to call.

Nevada Barr

March 24 finds Nevada Barr back at Lemuria Books in Banner Hall signing her latest Anna Pigeon novel, "Hard Truth," at 5 p.m. Then she'll head over to to read from it at 6 p.m. This 13th book in the murder mystery series—always set in a national park—takes place in Rocky Mountain National Park, replete with natural beauty and wilderness. Park ranger Pigeon sometimes thinks that way too many people want to experience that natural beauty. And where people are, trouble is sure to follow. Barr's legions are fans won't be disappointed as she takes them along on Pigeon's latest trek through the vagaries of the human psyche.

The Best In Sports In The Next 7 Days

Thursday, March 24

College baseball, LeTourneau at Mississippi College (6 p.m.): The Choctaws begin a late-week series in Clinton.

[Music] Crossing Over

Trying to discuss music with Donnie Cross is a cumbersome experience, to say the least. He has meaningful thoughts about the world of music but is far from laconic when discussing his as-yet-unreleased project, "Soundtrack To My Soul," and his future plans. As I sit with Cross, two things are prevalent—his love of the art of hip-hop and the seemingly non-effect of the vodka he consumes.

"This Past Week" EP, The Radio Dept

Alex Slawson & Herman Snell

Formerly rooted in the Creation label's pop sounds of the 1980's, Sweden's The Radio Dept have made a bit of a transition on their latest EP. Moving further from the Jesus and Mary Chain influenced wall of distortion on their debut "Lesser Matters," "This Past Week" sees them covering more electro-pop friendly ground with nods towards Saint Etienne, Orange Cake Mix and New Order. An ultra-sweet confection from the label that brought us The Legends, be sure to keep them in mind as they will certainly be making a name for themselves.

"Alone, Not Alone," Montag

Alex Slawson & Herman Snell

The micro-genre of French Canadian lap-pop has a new addition with Montag, as a forthcoming release is set for February release on Gooom records [Paris] and Carpark records [Montreal]. Nocturnal, chiming and stylishly loungy, Montag take these familiar characteristics and combine them into a very original long player. Take equal parts of Stereolab, Mum, Broadcast and Brigitte Fontaine- add to CD player- turn down the lights- pick up a glass of wine and be swept away to a chic art lounge on the Seine.

"‘64 - ‘95," Lemon Jelly

Alex Slawson & Herman Snell

Who would have thought that down tempo and fun could exist in the same music, given the melancholic preponderance within this genre to date. Lemon Jelly have proven time and time again that chilling out doesn't have to be synonymous with despondency- it should be and is, in their groove laden world, a fun experience that should be shared and enjoyed over numerous listens. On "'64 – '95," Lemon Jelly put themselves under their microscope of influences by using as many found samples from their discography as they can muster, thereby running the gamut of genres with their intense, DJ set styled sound. From metal and 70's pop to Euro house, from R&B to punk, their latest is smoothly schizophrenic in it's slice and dice approach to sample heavy grooves. But, only Lemon Jelly can pull this off with a simultaneous grin seeping out of the speakers, compelling the listener for one more ride. Hop on this bus and you won't want to return to the typical dismal down tempo of yesteryear- this is a promise!

Operation Downgrade

Gov. Haley Barbour's "Mississippi Education Reform Act of 2005," SB 2504, finally passed in the House of Representatives in early March, after living in the shadow of a looming Medicaid crisis. But the bill may be something quite different from Barbour's vision now that the Mississippi House has made considerable changes; there's a good chance the Senate will shoot it down before it even has a chance to reach that small stack on Barbour's desk.

Thou Shalt Honor The F-Word

Read my lips. The Ten Commandments are not a toy. And the U.S. Constitution isn't an instrument to be manipulated as the political winds shift.But here we go again. On March 8, the Mississippi House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill to allow the Ten Commandments and "In God We Trust" to be placed on public buildings.

[Kamikaze] Let's Get ‘Real'

Listen, this proposed "council" on racial reconciliation that I've read so much about in previous weeks appears to be a good idea ... in theory. But here's the thing, while this "council" is a necessary tool in the healing process, it will only work if two key pieces are in play.

[Sawyer] Ethics And Terry Schiavo

In times of great suffering and sadness, it seems as though there is often much more yelling and screaming than there is loving and listening. The fact of the matter is this—there is a long list of ways in which life can go terribly wrong. Except for the grace and mercy of God, here we are facing each new day head on and with great courage. This subject of suffering and sadness is at the heart of the Terry Schiavo matter. And as long as we have loved ones, and as long as each day is subject to human tragedy, we will always have Terri Schiavos with us—and the moral dilemma it entails.

[Stiggers] A Lap Dance For Medicaid

On this episode of "All God's Churn Got Shoes," the Right, Reverend "Chicken Bone" Jones conducts a morality campaign and protest rally across the street from the Mystical Magic City strip club, bar, grill and dollar store. From an elevated platform, he delivers an urgent message to a small crowd.

Akinwole Uhuru

Strength and determination are two words that give meaning to a name, specifically the name Akinwole Uhuru. As a 22-year-old Tougaloo College senior, Uhuru says that every time his name is called, it reminds him of his purpose—a purpose that involves selflessly giving back to his community by focusing on America's struggle with poverty. His goals are to make a difference in the lives of those who are without, while at the same time encouraging those who do have to lend a helping hand.

Melton Responds to Convention Center Picks

[Obadele] Here To Help Build A Better Life

March 23, 2005 Quietly the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika (PG-RNA) has spent a year re-establishing its presence in Jackson, Mississippi. In this historic area Black people have won important victories over historic racism and injustice. But the battle to create not just a better Mississippi but to do our part in the creation of a better society and a better world is far from over.

Melton Vows Lawsuit Over Public Ed

Read report here.

Melton to North Jackson: ‘It's Over!'

Read full story here.

Tuesday, March 22

Harvey Johnson Jr. (D) - Mayor/Incumbent

"I love this city and the people who live here – all of the people – and I love this job. Love is about making a long-term, lifelong commitment to work tirelessly for the wellbeing of those you love – to work through the tough times and celebrate the victories together. And believe me, there have been plenty of both of those over the past seven and a half years."

Monday, March 21

Bloc Party Storms Across America

British Post-Punkers' Bloc Party played 5 shows in 4 days at South X Southwest, and unlease their highly anticipated debut L.P. in stores now. They share the Vice Records label with the Stills. Even Pitchfork has given the album 8.9. No album has gotten this kind of buzz since Interpol's debut "Turn on The Bright Lights." They capture the high energy of New Wave Dance Punk, like the first time you heard "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran, The Pixes, Wire, Adorable, early Cure, and the retro intensity of Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, The Bravery and the Futureheads.

[Barbour] The Governor's Primer on Mississippi Medicaid

March 21, 2005 If you or someone you love depends on Medicaid, you should read this. And if you are not on Medicaid, you are paying for its services with your tax dollars, and you should read this, too. Mississippi Medicaid is one of the fastest-growing programs in the country. It doubled in cost in just five years. The growth is so rapid it is consuming state funds that have historically spent on other priorities like education.

Sunday, March 20

Dish It Out, Ladies

Here is an excerpt from the Maureen Dowd column causing a lot of the women-media chatter:

Women Without a Clue

Lakshmi Chaudhry writes for Alternet about women in the media:

Super Furry Animals Reissued

For years, Wales' Super Furry Animals have been stunning US audiences with their creative integrity and unfaltering artistic prowess. But SFA-lovers in search of the band's back-catalogue have been hitting brick walls for years, relegated to rummaging through used CD bins and hunting on eBay. Until now! With the re-release of these long-lost records, fans will rejoice and a new younger American audience will discover what fans have known for years…

[Wine] Girlz In The Vineyard

Since the early 19th century, in a business dominated by men, some ladies have been kicking some serious butt in the wine world. We've seen everything from cutthroat businesswomen to world-renowned wine writers. Some of the biggest risk-takers in the wine industry have been women, and their accomplishments have earned them (and, subsequently, the rest of us girls) much respect.

[Lott] The Whole Package

March 20, 2005 With gasoline once again at $2 and higher per gallon, and some fill-ups pushing $50, we know we need a national energy policy. The question is: What provisions will comprise this policy? Some people see it has as an either/or proposition—either more energy exploration or more emphasis on efficiency and new fuels. In fact, we must have the whole package—an energy policy promoting more domestic production of traditional fuels, better efficiency and new alternative energy.

Saturday, March 19

Herman's Picks

Chicago garage rock and rockers The Peelers will be at W.C. Don's on Tuesday. They're in the same loud, hard rocking vein of Orange Recording label mates The Drapes, Immortal Lee County Killers II and Thee Shams. Charlie Mars will bring his exquisite college pop/rock back to the Hal & Mal's Red Room, next Saturday, March 26, $7. Joey Plunkett of Geronimo Rex opens (this was originally scheduled for Tuesday).

Friday, March 18

Shipping Off Bodies

Hinds County is paying twice as much as it should for forensic services, according to crime prevention activists. Hinds County forensics consultant Ann Williams joined others March 13 on the steps of the Capitol building to call for adequate funding for the state crime lab, as legislators inside warred among themselves over the salvation of Medicaid.

Mayor Johnson Weekly Newsletter 3/18

Reverend Jerry Young

Today, Mayor Harvey Johnson, Jr. introduced nominees to the Convention Center Commission to the Jackson City Council and made his appointments to the inaugural Capital City Convention Center Commission. Johnson's appointees are:

Thursday, March 17

Birds, Hardball and Hail

Early Friday morning, Rep. Steve Holland, D-Plantersville, walked past some Senate leaders and Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck, gave them the middle finger and blew a raspberry at them. His bird foreshadowed a long "special" weekend at the state Capitol that ended in a major victory for Gov. Haley Barbour. The saga began Friday when the House voted to go home at 9:30 a.m. although Medicaid anticipated going broke and denying claims by midnight that night. Many lawmakers had declared the debate "useless" because Barbour wouldn't budget on his demands.

Hot Over 'Heat and Serve' Housing

A heated March 9 Jackson City Council meeting followed a March 8 work session attended by about 40 angry South Jackson residents concerned over the plan to create a lease-to-own single-family home subdivision. Neighbors say Valley Park Subdivision with its 15-year leasing option, is akin to "canned instant decay—just heat and serve," according to one opponent.

Hoops Nation

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament starts on Thursday. This is one of those days when the mighty engine that is the American sputters considerably as workers focus their attention on college basketball. Eat your heart out, Euro soccer fan. Many of you are participating in pools, at the office or elsewhere. Haven't you learned by now that the people who follow college basketball all year never win this thing. The winner is always the person who uses some offbeat system like "I like the way the team's name sounds" or "I like their mascot better." Abandon hope all ye "experts." Meanwhile, Slate examines the most-hated teams in the tournament. Slate also trots out several reruns to trick you into thinking the online magazine cares about the tournament.

Wednesday, March 16

Et Tu, Kazoo?

What do kazoo-playing, pink umbrella-carrying women have in common with cave-dwellers, gypsies, cows, Hollywood stars, and toga-wearing females riding emus? They're all the same women—the Krewe of Kazoo. Since they first blew their kazoos in front of the Buckethead Judges 20 years ago, the Krewe of Kazoo has made their own brand of fun fit right in with the St. Paddy's Day Parade theme, and then some.

Online Exclusive: SPQ Quiz

1. Which of the following is NOT a man you need in your life at all times?

B. A man you can dance withC. A man you can shop withD. A man you can talk to

Mr. Barbour: It's Time to Start Governing

It is telling that Haley Barbour was not in the state of Mississippi when he decided to call a special session this past weekend in a gambit to force the Mississippi House to pass Barbour's favored fix for Medicaid's 2005 funding woes this year. Because he couldn't make it back to the state in time, Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck signed the order to open the session.

The Best In Sports In The Next 7 Days

Thursday, Mar. 17

College baseball, Belhaven at Millsaps (4 p.m.): The neighborhood rivals rumble in another installment of the Maloney Trophy series.

[Music] Ladies Sing: Chick Albums Not To Miss

Kate Bush — "The Dreaming/Hounds of Love" Trip-Hop guru Tricky has said Bush's work has been a significant influence on him and that she should be treasured more than the Beatles. Before Tori Amos and Sinead O'Connor, there was the surreal enigma Earth goddess of Kate Bush. She toured only once, in 1979, and has worked with Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel. Her intense and literate world music introduced her listeners to Gurdjieff, Wilhelm Reich, Gaia, Knights Templar and a host of esoteria. — Herman Snell

What Women Want

A friend of mine recently advised me about how to attract women. An authority on the subject, he is—in the vernacular—a "babe magnet."

W-O-M-E-N: In Mississippi, Are Girls On The Side?

Just a generation ago, most Mississippi women were facing an M.R.S. degree. "In 1969, graduating from Millsaps, your choice was to become a teacher or a nurse or go to grad school so that you could make more money as a teacher," Linda Montgomery explains. "It was always, 'Get a job that you can fall back on,' which meant in case your marriage didn't work out. It was, of course, assumed that you would get married."

Don't Call Me Ma'am

"Yes, ma'am." "No, ma'am." "Ma'am this, ma'am that." If there is anything I absolutely despise, it is the tendency of people in my home state to call me "ma'am." I spend much of my early interactions with my new interns—and even sometimes with writers who are older than I am, or at least look and act older—trying to get them to stop using the M-word around me.

George Ewing

From his white and brown cowhide cowboy boots to his black leather jacket atop a tucked-into-jeans black t-shirt to his rhinestone-encrusted cat-eye sunglasses to his buzz cut, George Ewing exudes health and confidence. Emblazoned on his t-shirt: "On no … let me handle that"—Spud Stud Magic Words that typify his take on life.

The World of Queendom: A Primer

So you wannabe a wannabe. Congratulations. By inviting the spirit of the Sweet Potato Queens into your heart, you have committed yourself to a lifetime of fun and laughter and "unbridled joy." Gone are the days of self-pity, purposelessness and overall indecisiveness. From this moment on, all decisions in life should be approached with this one question, "What will I wish I'd have done when I'm older?"

[Sawyer] The Arc of Justice

One of the great crimes of our generation is not the cries of suffering throughout our world, but rather that we maintain the ability to heal such suffering, and yet we remain silent. We still have the blood of Rwanda's genocide on our hands, and Sudan is nothing but an afterthought. Millions are dying from starvation across the globe, and there seems to be a greater moral imperative to build monuments dedicated to the Ten Commandments.

Tuesday, March 15

Jade Esteban Estrada

See Jade Esteban Estrada's musical about gay history at Hal & Mal's Wednesday, March 16, at 8 p.m. Sponsored by the Jackson Free Press.

Monday, March 14

Von Anderson (D)

Kesha Evans (D)

Chris Gray (D)

John Avery (D)

David L. Archie (D)

- Attended Wallace State College

From his "It's Time for a Change…" flyer: - New vision of economic development: Attract new businesses - Build new housing - New restaurants - New stores - Put more police officers on the street to patrol and help investigate crimes in Ward 3 - Bring diversity and rebuild relationships with ALL people and ALL races in Jackson From the flyer: Bio Who is David L. Archie? A man that is on a mission for the community. - A Community Activist

Stanley Amos (D)

P.O. Box 11765

From Stanley Amos' "New Leadership ... A New Way ... A New Day" flyer: The potential for change is ours. Let us begin to change our image of our children, our community, our Council, and our City! - A commitment to work with businesses, non-profits, and the community to bring about housig development and redevelopment projects… - A commitment to increase resources for Ward 3… - A commitment to establish strong mentoring programs for our youth… - A commitment to partner with the community and law enforcement agencies to help decrease crime… - A commitment to create a Ward 3 Executive Committee to help increase communications between the Councilman and Community leaders… Contact:

Ineva May-Pittman (D)


Mrs. Ineva May-Pittman, 71, is a native of Jayess, Mississippi. She attended elementary schools in Jayes and Jackson and graduated from Lanier High School. She also attended CM&I High School. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education in 1956 from Jackson State College and a Master of Science degree in Education and Supervision from Jackson State University in 1973. She engaged in additional study at the University of Alabama, Southern University, Belhaven College, Mississippi Baptist Seminary, and numerous Christian Education courses on the local, district, state and national levels.

Dial Those Extra Digits Today

We cussed our phone system all morning until we remembered this. If you're in the 601 area code, don't forget that you now have to dial 10 digits to reach anyone, even if they're down the street or across the hall. All the more reason to put numbers in your cell phone address book -- it'll be interesting to see if those extra three digits cause an uptick in fender benders this week.

Sunday, March 13

Saturday, March 12

The Incredible, Shrinking SS Check

Mississippi, like many so-called "red" states, gets big returns for its tax dollar. The report "Federal Tax Burdens and Expenditures by State," explains that the state gets back $1.84 out of every $1 it pays to the federal government, ranking it as No. 4 on the report's big "winners" list. These benefits include Social Security money, which according to the National Women's Law Center, 22 percent of Mississippians enjoy. This compares to California's 16 percent and Alaska's 12 percent. The idea of tampering with Social Security, consequently, has a heady impact among Mississippi voters.

Rowdy Rebels

Doctor S has noticed a distinct trend in the Ole Miss football program the last couple of years. When David Cutcliffe was coach, it was the players who got arrested. Now that Ed Orgeron is the boss, it's the coaches who keep ending up in the hoosegow. Stay tuned.

Upcoming at Martin's

Of Montreal (indie psych. rock/cd release) will perform on Sunday, March 20, with fellow psych rockers Viva Voce. The Slowcore Shoegaze of Timonium and indie rockers Audible will still perform this Monday, March 14. Sub-pop recording artist The Album Leaf will make their Missisippi debut at Martin's on Fri., March 18. All hail Martin's booking agent of soul, Robert Arender for getting this high class talent on the way to or from the South X Southwest Music Fest in Austin.

Friday, March 11

Charter Schools Cause Shuffle, Get Boost

Mississippi's charter schools got a boost when the Mississippi Senate passed a HB 238 on March 2. Charter schools are independent public schools, cut loose from regulations of a school district, but they are publicly funded and hold to the basic definitions of a public school. They cannot exercise preference in admissions, cannot teach religion and cannot charge tuition.

The Death Of Spring Training

A former Texas Rangers beat writer laments the gentrification of baseball spring training.

Blood, Sweat and Fear

In 1904, Upton Sinclair's novel about the plight of immigrant workers in Chicago meat-packing houses sparked legislation like The Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act. "In many respects, we're back to the days of Upton Sinclair," said Lance Compa, labor law professor at Cornell University and editor and author of the Human Rights Watch report "Blood Sweat and Fear: Workers' Rights in U.S. Meat and Poultry Plants."

Crisis: Medicaid Games Come to a Head Today

Haley Barbour's phone numbers: 359-3150, 359-3150, 720-8733, 359-3150. Call now.

In an editorial today, The Clarion-Ledger writes: "The solution to the current Medicaid funding crisis is to take $200 million from the tobacco trust fund and approve a cigarette tax increase to replenish it. It's up to the Senate and Gov. Haley Barbour. While state representatives, senators and Gov. Haley Barbour continue to stare one another down on the state Medicaid funding, hoping the other will blink, there are a lot of scared Mississippians wondering what they will do without health care. The program is set to run out of money today."

Bars And The NFL

Have you ever wondered what's the real history of facemasks on football helmets? Well you should have.

An Imperfect Storm

On Monday, March 7, Gov. Haley Barbour delivered a hardcore ultimatum at the Capitol. "We cannot tax or cut enough in three and a half months to cover a $268 million deficit—that is not a political statement, it is a mathematical fact," he told the media. "The longer the Legislature waits, the more dire the circumstances become for Mississippi's Medicaid recipients." He added: "The decision is not 'tax hike' versus 'trust fund.' The decision is 'trust fund' versus 'no more Medicaid'—and that shouldn't be a tough decision."

National Hockey Leveraged Buyout

Daniel Gross has a plan for how the NHL can be saved. Daniel, why bother?

Thursday, March 10

Salon on the Religious Left

The Great Dean Genesis

"He ain't ashamed of being a Democrat," Wayne Dowdy growled as he prepped the crowd for Howard Dean's entrance last Tuesday night. Neither was anyone else in the room, it seemed. The Clarion Hotel was packed—overpacked, in fact, with Democratic volunteers ordering pizza for the crowd overflow in the hallway outside Mississippi Democratic Elected Officials Appreciation Dinner. More than 800 Democrats celebrated as the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee came to visit. Former Gov. William Winter introduced Dean as a "Sam Rayburn Democrat" and dismissed the "voodoo economics" of the Republicans as Howard Dean prepared to take the stage.

SEC Hoops Preview

Ole Miss and Mississippi State begin play in the SEC Tournament on Thursday. The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal's Parrish Alfrord says the Rebels are a team plagued by inconsistency and a lack of toughness. Meanwhile, Gregg Ellis says that while the Bulldogs' play has been disappointing at times, their season hasn't been a disappointment.

Wednesday, March 9

[Rev] Vespalicious

There we were, on the plane, waiting for clearance to take off. One hour goes by, then two. Can you say hot box of panic and annoyance? The captain comes on over the loudspeaker: It's nothing major, but it needs to be fixed. If you have ever taken a 12-hour flight, you know that you don't want to be on the plane one single second longer than you have to. The flight attendants flipped on the on-board movies in desperation.

The Best In Sports In The Next 7 Days

Thursday, Mar. 10

College basketball, SEC Tournament, Ole Miss vs. South Carolina (noon, Ch. 12/97.3 FM), and Mississippi State vs. Georgia (2:15 p.m., Ch. 12/620 AM): The tourney continues through Sunday. … SWAC Tournament, Jackson State vs. Mississippi Valley State (10 a.m., 1300 AM): The Delta Devils and the Tigers draw the brunch game in Birmingham. The tourney continues Friday and the championship is Sunday (11 a.m., ESPN2).

More Ways To Skin A Catfish

Did you know that catfish accounts for 46 percent of the value of aquaculture production in the United States? That 660 million pounds were produced in 2003? That the catfish crop was valued at $425 million in 2003? Or that Mississippi accounted for the greatest part of that value at $243 million that year? Unless you raise catfish for a living, you probably don't really care, not as long as your favorite catfish place has plenty of the boneless filets to satisfy the craving that hits you regularly.

[Music] Cinematic X-it

In the world of hip-hop wordplay, verbal sparring and vocal turf wars are commonplace. With this Wild West mentality so prevalent, an emcee is only as good as the last verse he spouts. For Jackson's X-it Only, the seamless nomadic journey as a member of several groups to blowing up the underground circuit has been long and, at times, tumultuous. However, X-it has remained steadfastly dedicated to his craft—honing his skills by reinventing himself—and he has stuck to a tried and true formula of raucous abrasive lyrics.

Hush! Somebody's Calling Our Name

Never say things can't change. Sometimes remarkable change comes, and it seems so obvious that people barely notice. That was apparent recently when both the Mississippi House and the Senate voted to rename two stretches of highway after civil-rights martyrs: Highway 19-South out of Philadelphia after Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner and US-49 East would be renamed Emmett Till Memorial Highway, in honor of the black teenager beaten to death by white men in 1955 in Money, Miss.

[Chick] Can Men Measure Up To Chick Flicks?

My friend Cowboy and I watched "Hitch" by accident, which is OK because I burned some calories laughing, but I honestly thought it was going to be a boy movie, along the lines of "Lethal Weapon." Nope. I made Cowboy see a chick flick. Oops.

What's In A Name?

Quick. Why did John R. Lynch get a street around Jackson State University named after him? Who is Forrest County named after? How about Duling Avenue in Fondren? Or Alcorn State University?

[Stiggers] 40 Acres And A Fool

Readin' Rain-Bro Is brought to you by contributions from the International Electric Slide Foundation and The Ghetto Science Team's Trust Fund.

Mike Peters

The brightly colored blue and gold building that sits on the corner of North State Street and Fondren Place and clearly reads "Fondren Corner" in bold cursive silver writing has become a favorite of many local students and Jacksonians who talk daily about the good food, original art and endless shopping opportunities one can find in this labyrinth five-story mixed-use building. It also contains studio and living space for young artists.

GAO: Terror Suspects Bought Guns in U.S.

AP is reporting:


NASCAR went deeper South than usual over the weekend, holding a Busch Series race in Mexico City. The race was hailed as a success (more than 90,000 fans showed up), Robert Weintraub reports, thanks in part to NASCAR handling details like extra security to keep its drivers from being kidnapped. But the crooks aren't the only people you have to worry about below the border. NASCAR told its competitors: "Be wary of persons representing themselves as Mexican police or other officials. This can prevent you from becoming a victim of harassment and mistreatment by Mexican law enforcement."

Tice The Ticket Man

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Tice is being investigated for scalping Super Bowl tickets, reports. Is it a coincidence that Tice is the league's lowest-paid head coach? Will he still be around to coach Fred Smoot, the former Mississippi State/Hinds CC/Provine star, who signed with the Vikings on Tuesday?

Tuesday, March 8

Springing Into Action

Ole Miss and Mississippi State opened spring practice on Monday. The Bulldogs were without their starting quarterback, who hurt himself stepping off a porch. The Rebels began the Ed Orgeron area by welcoming fans and reporters to practice.

Monday, March 7


CD SLATED FOR JULY, 2005 RELEASE. Southern California's quintessential punk rock band PENNYWISE are currently hard at work on their eighth full length album entitled The Fuse, set for release in July, 2005. The new album is being self-produced by the band – JIM LINDBERG (vocals), FLETCHER DRAGGE (guitar), BYRON MCMAKIN (drums) and RANDY BRADBURY (bass) at Stall #2 studio in Redondo Beach, CA.

Rice Boils Over

Rice University has disbanded the school's men's and women's lacrosse teams and suspended five students who are accused of taking part in an alcohol-soaked hazing incident that sent four students to the hospital. The school's action has stunned many inside and outside the university who didn't even know Rice had lacrosse teams.

Saturday, March 5

NFL Says Gay OK

Good news, the NFL will now allow the word "gay" to put on the back of personalized jerseys sold by the league's online shop, the New York Daily News reports. However, there are still more than 1,000 words or phrases banned by the NFL. Who knew?

Friday, March 4

Astralwerks News

Astralwerks is thrilled to announce The Chemical Brothers triumphant return to the US for their first live dates in 3 years! Their single "Galvanize" featuring vocals from Q-Tip is heating up the radio airwaves across the country. Their critically acclaimed new album, Push The Button, is out now.

[Speed] Change Brings About Progress

I have been executive director of the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) for just over one year. A colleague had to remind me of that. Quite frankly, I have been having the time of my life pursuing opportunities for Mississippi, and the passage of time just escaped me. While this has been an exciting year for me, it has also been a year of change at MDA. The agency has been going step-by-step through the intricate tasks of assessing, planning, and implementing changes in the way we approach economic and community development.

Thursday, March 3

Whitlow: ‘Run Like the Dickens'

March 2, 2005 Jackson city politics is starting to become a new outlet of expression for former television news executives and directors. Frank Melton—the former owner of WLBT Channel 3 and then its "Bottom Line" man—has announced his candidacy for mayor (a number of times) on the Democratic ticket. Now former WAPT Channel 16 Sports Director Rick Whitlow, 51, is putting in his bid for mayor as well.

Wanna Cig, Kid?

Gov. Haley Barbour, who was Big Tobacco's "go to" lobbyist when he was in Washington, D.C., is still maintaining that he'll veto any kind of tax bill that is laid on his desk, including a cigarette tax that most Mississippians support, according to a recent Stennis Institute of Government poll. Furthermore, Barbour thinks he has the perfect cure for Mississippi's impending Medicaid crisis—ransacking the state's health care/tobacco trust fund.

Capitol Report

On Monday, Feb 28, a conference was held in Room 103 between the Senate and the House, where Rep. George Flaggs, D-Vicksburg, accused the Senate of holding some of their bills hostage. Sen. Terry Burton, R-Newton, kept saying that the Legislature had left the Medicaid division "handcuffed" in the past by not providing what they asked. Flaggs said he was not a part of that group.

Poll: Bush 'Out of Step' with U.S. Needs

The latest New York Times/CBS News Poll finds that Americans are increasingly deciding that President Bush's policies are out of step with the needs of the country:

Dean and the Elephants in Dixie

Charles Evers and I hit it off immediately the first time we met. We, after all, both have Neshoba County roots. My Daddy, it seems, used to drive him around in a taxi back when he did radio there. We have a common hero—his brother, Medgar. We both opposed the Iraqi War, as he wrote about in the JFP the week the war started. We both spent a fun evening at Jubilee! Jam chasing down Bob Dylan so he could thank him for a song he wrote for Medgar back in the '60s.

Wednesday, March 2

"Jeff Hanson," Jeff Hanson

If your penchant for beautiful melancholy and harmonious singer/songwriter indie-pop hasn't been the same since the demise of Elliott Smith, Jeff Hanson is the cure. With instant classic Kill Rock Stars catchy hooks, Hanson elicits his classically trained finger picking acoustic guitar and cerebral angelic falsetto voice to pop perfection. This self-titled sophomore release and every CD by Hanson is required listening for anyone who savors the velvet richness of Elliott Smith. His songwriting prowess is so consistent; each song is better than the next. Last year he opened for Irving at Martin's Lounge. It was one of the best nights at Martin's I have ever experienced. -- Herman Snell & Alex Slawson

"Strangers," Ed Harcourt

Fans of Rufus Wainwright, Badly Drawn Boy and Jeff Buckley take note. College singer/songwriter British pop rock doesn't get any catchier, anthemic and riff laden than Ed Harcourt. With singles like "Loneliness," and "Born in the 70's" this is sure to be Ed's third award winning pop album in four years. This latest release on Astralwerks is chock full of poetic, intelligent lyrics and romantic drinking songs. It's his most upbeat to date and will have you singing along after very few listens. -- Herman Snell & Alex Slawson

"Do The Bambi," Stereo Total

File away your Air and Cornelius and ready your DJ dance set with the kitschy sounds of German Gay Disco. While much of Stereo Total is cheesy filler, there is some outstanding retro synth dance candy amongst the nineteen tracks on the latest release by this Berlin Duo. Think multi-lingual Kraftwerk electro-pop Euro-trash for the Pet Shop Boys Underworld. In case you were wondering, the title track is about batting ones eyelashes to attract a latex clad soul lover. --Herman Snell & Alex Slawson

"Outside Closer," Hood

With their last album "Cold House," this Leeds U.K. 4-piece successfully combined experimental hip-hop and rain drenched guitar laden Brit-pop into an innovative and beautiful whole- this was with the help of cLOUDDEAD's Dose One and why?, of course. Hood's latest musical adventure is less experimentation and more straight forward indie-pop from start to finish- think of a primal Radiohead or The Church for reference. The glitchy electronic accents are there, as are the strange vocal treatments, although these are more integrated into the poppish veneer than on their previous outings. This release has more urgency, more catharsis than any other Hood release to date and, as such, is a contender for the best of 2005! Yet another spellbinding release from Domino Records [U.K.]. --Alex Slawson & Herman Snell

"Variance," Jega

With mind-boggling Drill and Bass inspired rhythms and IDM-ish keyboard textures; Variance is the much-anticipated third full-length release from Manchester native Jega. Although the ground covered in his latest is not so much "new," Jega has culminated his talents to successfully carve out niche for himself in the electronica genre. Mark my words: Jega will be a major player in IDM because of this release. -- Alex Slawson & Herman Snell

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The Manchester Monarchs, a minor-league hockey team in New Hampshire, held "Mullet Night: The Final Cut" on Tuesday night. ESPN's resident hockey mullet, Barry Melrose, was on hand, as was Nashville mullet Billy Ray Cyrus. Other famous mullets, including Patrick Swayze, dropped in via videotape. But the Monarchs say this is their final mullet night. Why? It's a sad day for the Louisiana Purchase, the Missouri Compromise, the Business In The Front, Party In The Back ...

[Geek] Human Nature 101

A Review of "Faces of Mankind"

One of the most intriguing yet frustrating games I've ever played, "Faces of Mankind" is based on a concept that would crack up most developers: a completely player-run world. There are no admins to enforce the laws. There is no learning curve and helpful NPCs, and unless you have a good buddy or a streak of luck, nobody's gonna hold your hand. FoM is, as of now, only for the hardcore.

[Wine] Viognier ... What is That?

In the quest to discover wine, many of us peruse our favorite package stores and restaurant wine lists for new things to try. Every now and then something pops up that makes us wonder, "What on earth is that?" Viognier, to the novice wino, is one of those things.

Driving on Empty, by JC Patterson

Simply Human will surprise you. Four quiet guys, no egos. Just young dudes sharing a passion for the same kind of music: Fuel, Incubus, 3 Doors Down, Creed and Stone Temple Pilots. But, says Brad Gerrard, "We don't want to sound like anybody but Simply Human." Sam Donald, 20, one of SH's founding members, shyly talks about the four major labels looking at them: "We just got a lawyer, too, and a booking agent," he says. I'm thinking to myself, damn, these kids are serious.

Desperately Seeking Dickinson

A Review of "Loaded Gun: Life, and Death and Dickinson"

However much is known about the life of 19th-century American poet Emily Dickinson (and the mind that created nearly 2000 poems, among them some of the most challenging and respected works in American writing), it can be certainly said that a far greater amount of information remains a mystery. At the outset of the quirky documentary "Loaded Gun: Life, and Death, and Dickinson," director Jim Wolpaw, who also narrates, readily admits that his film did not find (and thus does not offer) any succinct answers about who Dickinson was. "Loaded Gun" will be screened in the Gertrude C. Ford Academic Complex at Millsaps College on Monday, March 7 at 7:30 p.m. as part of the South Carolina Arts Commission's Southern Circuit Film Series tour of independent films.

Coach O Cuts Coach Cut

Ole Miss' new football coach, Ed Orgeron, was in Olive Branch on Tuesday to speak to the Rotary Club. As usual, he was a ball of fire, promising national titles and forcing civilians to go through football drills, Ron Caldwell of the DeSoto Times reports. Coach O also took a couple of not-so-subtle shots at his predecessor, David Cutcliffe:

[Artist at Work] David Lambert

The paintings of Jackson artist David Lambert have received acclaim in cities across the country for their spontaneity, exuberance and raw energy. The characters that populate his works are often depicted in strange, dreamlike situations, illustrating the psychoanalytical principle of free association.

[Perry] ‘Eye for an Eye' Not Enough

As a transplanted native of Jackson, with family still there, I have been following the story of Edgar Ray Killen's upcoming trial. I was delighted to see that Mississippians such as Donna Ladd, Eric Stringfellow and the Jackson Human Relations Council are talking about a truth and reconciliation process, an idea I support wholeheartedly.

Crystal Wise & Precious Martin

It was 1995. Young Crystal Wise was at a party for freshmen University of Mississippi Law students at her friend's home. Precious Martin, a second-year Ole Miss Law student, was among the party guests. When the two met, Martin said he knew that Wise would his wife. "I hate to say love at first sight, because I think love is something that should be nurtured over time," he said. "but she was definitely 'wife' material."

[Stiggers] Dr. Strange, or How to Learn to Not to Love Reality TV

Here's an important message from the law office of Cootie McBride, the people's lawyer: Some clients come to me with extremely large knots on their foreheads after taking a pain pill for aching joints. Other clients, who take diet pills to lose weight quickly, come to my office with a pinky toe the size of a big toe. Angry male clients, whose eyes are crossed after taking a few sexual enhancement pills, storm into my office. As the people's lawyer I have helped many individuals who took drugs with unusual physical side effects get the money they deserve.

Kobe Will Settle

Kobe Bryant has agreed to make a monetary settlement with the Colorado woman who accused him of rape, various media outlets are reporting. Has any pro athlete in his prime ever fallen more in the public eye than Kobe has in the last 20 months? And if you've never read it, Kobe's interview with Colorado police makes for fascinating reading. Don't look for Kobe to be endorsing McDonald's anytime soon.

Tuesday, March 1

Dean Does Dixie

Casey Parks interviews Howard Dean, Charles Evers and the head of the Jackson State University Young Democrats about race politics in the South.

Herman's Picks

The cruel gods of fate have deemed you to be wishing you could be in two places at once this fine dawning of spring week. Alias, the answer is clear, you must go club hopping to get it all in. There are three area favorites with new wares to perform and sell. Andrew Bryant is at W.C. Don's on Friday, and The Preacher's Kids are having their CD release party on Saturday with Bloom. Friday Night Gigolos will have their CD release party on Saturday at The Joint. So if you've been wondering about these guys, they've been readying new material for your listening pleasures.

Dead Can Dance to Tour

Dead Can Dance reform, play live, in 2005. Dead Can Dance will be touring Europe and North America in 2005. Tickets are now on sale for the European dates, with the North American dates will take place in September 2005 being announced shortly on This will be the first time that Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry have performed on the same stage together since Dead Can Dance's last tour in 1996.