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Ida Similar to Katrina, but Stronger and Smaller

Hurricane Ida is looking eerily like a dangerous and perhaps scarier sequel to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, the costliest storm in American history. But there are a few still-to-come twists that could make Ida nastier in some ways, but not quite as horrific in others.

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UPDATED: The Latest: Hurricane Delta Weakens Slightly on Path to U.S.

The National Hurricane Center said the center of the storm was about 160 miles (257 kilometers) south of Cameron, La., early Friday—and its tropical storm-force winds extend the same distance outward. Delta is expected to bring fierce winds and a life-threatening storm surge to large parts of the Louisiana Gulf Coast when it reaches the coast later Friday.

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Jackson May See Flash Flooding from Hurricane Delta; Precautions Urged

"Hurricane Delta will be moving through the city of Jackson probably within the next 48 hours," Interim Public Works Director Charles Williams said. "We are expecting high wind, probably somewhere between 40 to 60 miles per hour, also during that time we are expecting probably from two to four inches (rain) that will be falling within the central area of Mississippi, primarily, and it could affect the Jackson area."

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City of Jackson Readies for Hurricane Delta: Possible Heavy Rainfall and Flooding

Current weather forecast models predict that the City of Jackson will be impacted by Hurricane Delta. Residents are urged to prepare for potential flooding in low-line areas resulting from heavy rainfall.

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Tropical Storm Barry Threatens a Long, Slow Drenching

Building toward hurricane strength, Tropical Storm Barry began hitting Louisiana with wind and rain Friday as it closed in what could be a long, slow—and epic—drenching that could trigger flooding in and around New Orleans.

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New Orleans Area Braces for First Hurricane of the Season

Thousands of Louisianans broke out sandbags or fled to higher ground Thursday as Tropical Storm Barry threatened to turn into the first hurricane of the season and blow ashore with torrential rains that could pose a severe test of New Orleans' improved post-Katrina flood defenses.

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Nate Marches Across US East Coast, Dumping Heavy Rains

Nate slogged its way up the northeastern U.S. on Monday, dumping heavy rains and bringing gusty winds to inland states as a tropical depression less than two days after it roared ashore in Mississippi and Louisiana as a hurricane.

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Hurricane Maria Grows, Threatens Storm-Battered Caribbean

Hurricane Maria grew into a Category 3 storm on Monday as it barreled toward a potentially devastating collision with islands in the eastern Caribbean. Forecasters warned it was likely to grow even stronger.

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Mississippi Helps Florida in Irma Response

Ninety-eight emergency responders from Mississippi are headed to Florida to assist with hurricane relief and recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma made landfall there this weekend.

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Irma Loses Hurricane Status but Keeps Spreading Misery

Hurricane Irma weakened to a still-dangerous tropical storm Monday as it pushed inland, triggering record flooding in Florida's northeastern corner, while rescuers in its soggy, wind-battered wake mobilized to reach victims and learn the full extent of the damage.

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