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City Repaves Belvedere Drive, Rebrands Transit System

In another effort to reverse the degrading of road infrastructure in Jackson, Miss., Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba announced the repaving of Belvedere Drive at a press briefing last week at Mary Belle Key Elementary School located on the street.

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Of Water, Heat and Asphalt: An Essential Journey to Paving Robinson Road

Jordan Brown, a car seller, has a deep connection to Robinson Road. He started working with his father in his auto-services business on the thoroughfare that runs through west and south Jackson in 1999 when he bought the current building where his company operates.

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City to Repave 13 Jackson Streets Using $5.3 Million of 1% Tax Money

Thirteen Jackson streets are now on a repaving list for 2020, Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba announced Friday.

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Continuing on, Despite Pandemic

Despite setbacks from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Jackson is still moving forward. Here are just some of the latest developments taking place in and around the capital city.

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Old Spaces, New Faces

Spring inches ever closer, and to coincide with the season of renewal, let's review a list of recently opened businesses that have breathed new life into some older buildings and spaces in the Jackson metro.

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Flourishing in Spite of a Flood

With every issue of BOOM Jackson, we like to reflect on the progress and developments that have occurred over the last quarter. From renovations to flooding, these last three months have seen a lot.

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One Lake, Few Alternatives: A Primer

Many of the concerns surrounding One Lake remain unresolved and, to date, the Levee Board has declined to host a public forum to take questions from the audience openly, instead opting for only accepting written questions and allowing one-on-one conversations.

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'One Lake' Critics Sound Alarms on Bridges, Environment, Industry Effects

Environmentalists are sounding alarms over concerns that the Levee Board is misrepresenting alternative solutions to Jackson's flooding woes in favor of lucrative property-development opportunities.

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OPINION: Hindsight 2020: Jackson Flooding and 40 years of Failed Solutions

"The flooding of the Pearl River in early 2020 has led to high water moving into neighborhoods and businesses, while many simultaneously want a 'flood control' plan for Jackson. These calls have risen and fallen since the 1979 Easter Flood just like the Pearl."

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West Jackson Creek Woes Become ‘One Lake’ Pitch

A public meeting in west Jackson to debate solutions to recent flash floods quickly turned into an impromptu pitch for the "One Lake Project" from three Hinds County supervisors and Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba.

'Deplorable' Conditions at Westside Trailer Park

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Moving a Hip Hop Agenda

"Words I Never Said" was part of a nationwide tour for the organization Rap Sessions, ...