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EDITORIAL: Dangerous Sinkholes Demand Immediate Responses

A dog fell into a sinkhole this weekend, and that could have just as easily been a child.

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OPINION: #MeToo: Don’t Shame Me for Being Raped

The hashtag #metoo is trending across the nation, and our attention has been drawn to the larger-than-life stories of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. We point our fingers and chat ...

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OPINION: Invest in Your Future

Tax season is also right around the corner. A lot of people may go into debt from holiday purchases and then spend all of their tax refunds trying to purchase ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The Lies Scientific Racists Told About Jackson’s Children

I did not know a federal judge in the 1960s had codified lies about how black children in Jackson were genetically inferior.

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OPINION: Domestic Violence is the Problem

Domestic abusers all over the country gun down family members they blame for their problems every day. They take children and bystanders with them.

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EDITORIAL: State, City Must Not Hinder Access to Public Info

Mississippi legislators are arguing with a straight face that they should not have to turn over documents about a 2016 vote to shift control of Jackson's airports to an outside ...

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OPINION: At Home on the Bus

As morning dawns on the capital city, my fellow JATRAN passengers and I begin our day together. On the road, I have formed the kind habit of wishing my fellow ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Our Journalism Seeks Solutions Over Blame and Partisanship

I'm a journalist to find solutions for issues such as youth crime. And that means seeking the various causes first to get there. That is why the journalism in the ...

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OPINION: Mississippi Schools: Celebrate Your Successes and Keep Aiming High

"We teach our children to build upon their past accomplishments and to continually strive for higher goals."

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OPINION: Reflections After the Union Loss

In These Times writer Joe Allen says the Nissan-Canton election loss "is nothing less than a knockout punch ending for the foreseeable future any efforts by the UAW to organize ...

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EDITORIAL: 120 Days In, Let’s Focus on Good Communications

While the new administration's leadership on JPS has been noteworthy, communication on other changes in the city has been slow to take root.

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OPINION: The War on Drugs Isn’t Working

The drug war is not working. Countless lives—including law enforcement officers—are being lost or ruined.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Lessons in Humility and Kindness

Cats and kids have to be dependent on other people. But as children get older, they can begin to take care of themselves, though there are still certain things they ...

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OPINION: The Work of Overcoming Abuse

"Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think ...

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EDITORIAL: State Lawmakers Must Support Abuse Victims

Domestic and interpersonal abuse, especially violence against women, are systemic and national in scope, but some clear policy and program solutions would make Mississippi safer and better for women.

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COMMENTARY: Reinsert Value Back Into Journalism

In 2004, the now-deceased Mississippi journalist Bill Minor gave an assessment of his profession. Among its problems, he said, was that too many of his colleagues would rather play "go ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: One Small, Honest Voice After #MeToo

Maybe you weren't bullied, but as a woman, you've probably been told to make yourself smaller and to fit the mold society created for you.

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OPINION: 'One Lake’ A Triumph of Cronyism?

Flood-control alternatives, including the "One Lake" project for the Pearl River, have been out of the spotlight and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' technical review for nearly four years ...

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Mississippi: Listen to the ‘Me, Too’ Chorus

Women should not have to post on social media to bring awareness to the harassment, assault and abuse that half of the world's population endures daily.

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Men: Stop the Harassment

The journey from being shamed about a stranger commenting on my ass at 16 to being worried about its continual definition of who I am at 40 is one that ...