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Tilling Dreams into Reality

The value of creating something worthwhile from start to finish seems to have lost its steam. People want to go from idea to being rich, skipping the work in the ...

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Patching Potholes: A Metaphor for Jackson

Running a city for a four-year (or sometimes shorter) term is an admittedly daunting task, with the transfer of political strategies, staff and power.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Will Vote'

The odds of the Senate voting on health-care legislation are slim at this point.

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‘Great for Grove Park’

A couple of weeks ago, I watched in amazement during an acrimonious Jackson City Council debate regarding a proposed partnership with the Mississippi Roadmap to Health Equity & Urban League ...

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The Future of the JFP Chick Ball

First, I'll share the sad news in case you haven't heard. We have reluctantly decided to postpone the JFP Chick Ball again this year, as we did in 2016, and ...

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Address Racial Inequity in Education Now

Education was supposed to be the great "equalizer" back when police officers had to escort a few brave black children past screaming white children and adults to integrate white public ...

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A Plea to My Fellow Evangelicals: Call Out Trump

After several days of prayerful consideration, I realized that the potential positives of the Trump administration do not justify the many other actions that go against the teachings I hold ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'I Love It'

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out his email chain with Rob Goldstone on July 11, which appears to confirm that Russian officials offered to pass on incriminating information about Hillary Clinton ...

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Pride Month Is Over, But the Fight Isn’t

It is interesting that the three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which lifted the injunction blocking HB 1523, did so in June during the last week ...

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Finding Great U.S. Journalism

Trump is waging a constant battle with what he considers the purveyors of "fake news," while those same news outlets struggle to keep up with the stream of misinformation and ...

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Mississippi Congressmen Must Fight for Medicaid

It's no secret that Republicans in Washington, D.C., want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and the proposed changes will hurt Mississippians on Medicaid.

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Shop, Give, Live Local

Shopping local isn't something I necessarily thought about until I came to work at the Jackson Free Press, which puts great emphasis on helping locally owned businesses.

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Jackson, It’s Time to Go to Work

We're excited to see the work, progress, ideas, energy and journey of the Lumumba administration unfold, and we plan to hold them accountable and suggest solutions every step of the ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Far Better Off'

The majority of Mississippians on Medicaid are low-income children, the state's aging population, and the disabled and blind. Cuts to Medicaid could have a direct impact on their access to ...

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Put People Over Party

Both the House and Senate approaches to health care will severely harm the vast majority of Mississippians. Ask our representatives in Congress to act on behalf of the greater good ...

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Shop, Eat and Drink Local This Fourth!

We're deep into our 15th year of publishing as July 4th rolls around, which means we at the Jackson Free Press have being doing something else for a decade and ...

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Democracy’s Third Branch in Danger

The Supreme Court has nine justices. Nine justices who are left to their own devices to interpret the constitution however they deem fit.

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Creating a Culture of Wellness in Jackson

When a company considers relocating or expanding to a city, it considers more than the conditions of its streets. The health of the population is also a factor because it ...

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Democracy Only Works in Public View

The Mississippi attorney general's office releasing the TAC report, which details how the state should work to fix its children's mental- and behavioral-health care system, this week is just one ...

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Safe in Our Own ‘Castles’

One of the last places I want to find myself when traveling with my family is on the side of dark stretch of freeway with flashing lights behind me.