Tech Talk

Think Like Einstein—on your iPad

While Albert Einstein's genius isn't included, an exclusive iPad application launched Tuesday promises to make detailed images of his brain more accessible to scientists than ever before.

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Getting Political on the Web

With the RNC's convention just over and the DNC's rolling on as we go to press, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at where the campaigns are with their technology and offer up the websites and apps (in addition to, naturally) that you'll need to track this crazy election to its conclusion in November.

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Beyond 'The End of History'

In a fascinating article: "We, The Web Kids," Pietr Czerski, makes a statement that is as startling as it is startlingly true: "We do not use the Internet, we live on the Internet."

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Techy Tools and Apps for Students

Headed to college—or back to college —and want to take some tech with you?

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Spotify: Disrupting the Disruptions

It's amazing how quickly the technology "disruptions" come these days.

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What's the Deal with Google+?

For Google+, the question on many people's minds—if they think of Google+ at all—is "Why should I spend time on Google+?" And for many people, they haven't gotten a good enough answer.

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Managing Projects, Tasks and Info

The recent wholesale upgrade to the Jackson Free Press website was quite an undertaking. For the first time since 2002, we have completely changed not just to a new design, but to an entire new "backend" as well, switching to a different Content Management System, or CMS, for our stories, events, restaurant listings and so on.

Ah, the Cloud

You're probably getting good and tired of hearing about "the cloud"—and no one could blame you. The problem is, it's not going away.

Following Your Money

For many, tracking finances is more chore than enjoyment, whether you are dealing with a business or your personal funwds. And given how technology has made it easier to buy things, money can get tighter quicker.

New iPad: Easy on the Eyes

Earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook took center stage in California to unveil the newest model of the iPad. For months now, tech writers have been speculating about what the new iPad would include, and for the most part, Cook presented few surprises.