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Mississippi House Bill 4—The Irony of It All

Parents for Public Schools vehemently opposes House Bill 4 and its recent amendments.

Feedback: “DJ Young Venom: I Was Kicked Out of Trump Rally for Marvel’s Black Panther Shirt, X Cap” by Onelia Hawa

"... It doesn't matter what clothing he wore. There were students at their own university in another state at another rally who had shown up to listen to Trump speak, and they were not disruptive at all, but were asked to leave. Their crime: They were black."

Gov. Bryant, Don’t Perpetuate the Status Quo

To the honorable Gov. Phil Bryant ... I am writing you to express my concerns about your recent decision to declare April "Confederate Heritage Month."

Your Turn—The Confederate Flag: A View from Tougaloo

Our state's continued waving of the Confederate battle flag is an indicator that our dark past is more prevailing than our bright future.

Response to "Making Mississippi 420 Friendly" by R.L. Nave

The need to immediately legalize marijuana nationally is the most pressing moral issue of our time. More and more present and former members of law enforcement agree. Please see

Response to "Mississippi Last In Vaccine Choice" by Anna Wolfe

Mississippi should be lauded as first in protecting its citizens, especially children, from infectious diseases.

Addressing Infrastructure Essential

When the 2015 elections comes around, we will hear about education, health care, job creation and economic development. These issues without a doubt are essential to a community's growth, but there is an underlying issue has a direct impact on these important aspects of life.

Your Turn: Republicans Ignoring Positive Economy Signs

Let the good times roll! What is this election really about? The economy, stupid! The president and Democrats have done a masterful job of turning around the recession economy they inherited from the Republicans in 2008.

Your Turn: On the Conditions at East Mississippi Correctional Facility

We the members of Mississippi Religious Leadership Conference wish to express our concern about recent reports regarding East Mississippi Correctional Facility just outside of Meridian.

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The Shooting in My Aurora

It's eerie to think what happened in my home town.