Feedback: “DJ Young Venom: I Was Kicked Out of Trump Rally for Marvel’s Black Panther Shirt, X Cap” by Onelia Hawa

David B.

... It doesn't matter what clothing he wore. There were students at their own university in another state at another rally who had shown up to listen to Trump speak, and they were not disruptive at all, but were asked to leave. Their crime: They were black.

Rancher17—David B.

Come on now. You aren't serious, are you?

David B.—Rancher17

Deadly serious. The day a piece of clothing becomes a threat to someone running for president and not the person inside wearing the clothes, now that's news! So obviously it wasn't his clothes, but the color of his skin that was disturbing.

JS1976—David B.

I have to disagree with you about his choice of clothing, considering his own mother told him not to wear it. Which university students are you speaking of? Georgia?

David B.—JS1976

... Trump can stand up in front of Evangelicals and swear and cuss, and boom! They endorse him. But a black man wearing a comic book character T-shirt and long-dead civil-rights leader hat is a menace and disruptive without even opening his mouth? And you know which students. It showed them quietly leaving when asked on TV. BTW, what clothing would you wear to see a circus?

JS1976—David B.

Last time I went to the circus, I wore a PETA hat, my "Free the Elephants" shirt, and a pair of khakis. I was trying to draw attention to myself. Just as this young man was doing. And no, I don't know which students you are referring to. If you are referring to the students asked to leave in Valdosta, Ga., the local police chief has stated that he believes they made the right call. The students admitted they were there to protest the event.

David B.—JS1976

Did they throw you out? And profiling someone who might protest before they even open their mouth is illegal, and a violation of civil rights and freedom of assembly in this country. It presupposes that you can read the minds of certain individuals and what they will do by what they are wearing and the color of their skin.

JS1976—David B.

If I had an issue with the circus, I wouldn't attend. So no, I left my PETA hat lying next to my shotgun. As far as the legality, I guess we will have to see. Trump is paying for these venues, so he can determine the dress code. Freedom of assembly doesn't guarantee you the right to protest anywhere you choose.

David B.—JS1976

Sorry, if you invite the public, you invite everyone. If you want to limit your event, you issue tickets. So issuing tickets through the Mississippi Republican Party or the Madison County Republican Party would have been appropriate. As far as legality, I guess Trump will find out. He has been charged with inciting a riot.

JS1976—David B.

Nope, no charges are being filed against Trump.

On March 3, Henry Brousseau filed a police report after being punched in the stomach during a Trump rally in Louisville, Ky. Former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields has filed criminal assault charges on Trump's campaign manager after he against for grabbing her forcefully as she was about to ask a question.

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