Your Turn: Republicans Ignoring Positive Economy Signs

Let the good times roll! What is this election really about? The economy, stupid! The president and Democrats have done a masterful job of turning around the recession economy they inherited from the Republicans in 2008.

The headlines tell the story about the economy and where it is now: "Jobless applications fall to 14 year low." The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment aid has dropped to below 6 percent. "Raises are back in style." Upturn underway in wage growth. "U.S. economy regains momentum." Confidence up. "U.S firms post most jobs in seven years." This years strong hiring trend is likely to continue. "U.S. economy soars 4 percent." "Sizzling Auto Sales Spur Shortage." "Housing comes back to life." "Americans are spending like they mean it." Consumer spending represents 70 percent of GDP. With all this good news, have you heard one Republican or Tea Party politician talking about the positive economic signs?

Ron Lowe, Nevada City, Calif.


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