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EDITOR'S NOTE: In Love, Life and Work, Do the Right Thing and Wait

"The word 'power is often misused. It's not about money or controlling everything. To me, showing unconditional love for a partner, a city, a state or a nation through the toughest times is the most powerful one can be. And I couldn't be prouder than the man on this crazy journey with me."

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EDITOR'S NOTE: A Series of Very Fortunate Events; My First JFP-iversary

"Today marks a year since I began working for the Jackson Free Press. Much has happened since I meekly walked through that door. Before I get into that, though, allow me to tell you my 'JFP story.'"

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The Most Intriguing of 2019

These are not necessarily people who did positive things, although many did. They are Mississippians who emerged as the most interesting and who caused a lot of conversation in the capital city and beyond.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Meet the Mississippi Free Press, Focused on Causes and Solutions

The need for a new moral and cultural compass is why I and my co-founder Kimberly Griffin are announcing a new media project today called the Mississippi Free Press, which, like my newspaper, is named in homage to a Civil Rights Movement newspaper in Jackson.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Stepping into a Mentor's Shoes, Hoping They Fit

"As future-oriented as I am, I understood early on that I needed to work really hard in school to help me achieve my goal. ... I continue to learn my own capabilities, and my own limits."

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JFP Origin and History Quiz

The first person who emails all the correct answers to [email protected] gets $50 in local gift cards.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Jackson Lessons Learned As I Say Goodbye

"As of this 
publication, I must say my goodbye as I leave to start a new job at Teen Health 
Mississippi. Thank you, Jackson. And thanks to all of my co-workers and team members, too. My experience here wouldn't have been as great here at the JFP if it weren't for y'all."

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The Press Still Rolls as the JFP Enters Our 18th Year

This issue we celebrate moving into our 18th year of publishing as a voice for Jacksonians who want to see progress in the capital city and the Magnolia State. It's been quite a ride!

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JFP Pulling in Record 20 Journalism Awards, 14 First Place, for 2018 Work

The Jackson Free Press has won or is nominated for a record 20 awards for journalism our team produced in 2018 over three awards contests.

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How It Works: The Journalism Awards Process

Every year, Jackson Free Press editor-in-chief Donna Ladd chooses a wide selection of the newspaper's best work to submit for awards in a variety of contests.

2019 Best of Jackson Party

The 2019 Best of Jackson party on Jan. 27 was a hit. Everyone came decked ...

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