Ear to the Beats

] The Rise and Fall of Emo

Spoiler Alert: We've all had our hearts broken.

] Getting It Done

About a month ago, I admonished up-and-coming artists to embrace the concept of free music. The argument was simple: Free music makes it easier for artists to disseminate their product to as many people as possible. Exposure is the new currency.

] Money Talks

Thank God for the recession.

] Music Wants To Be Free

A few weeks ago, a guy approached me in the mall and passed me his new album to listen to and give him feedback. As someone who loves hearing new music, I gladly took his and walked off. The guy stopped me.

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] The Album Formerly Known as the 'N' Word

David Dennis, Jr.

Nas always seems to be at the center of intense debate. Respected for his lyricism and creation of "Illmatic" (widely regarded as one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time), Nas has released inconsistent, and at times, uninspired albums.