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Editorial: A State Takeover is Not the Solution for JPS

The looming state takeover of Jackson Public Schools is full of myriad problems, from the State' of Mississippi's less-than-stellar track record of previous takeovers to a lack of transparency and ...

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The People of Jackson Deserve Strong Transparency

We understand the need to increase revenue, but everyone must have a chance to be heard in the process.

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The Dollars and Sense Needed to Fund Infrastructure

You can't have your cake and eat it, too, as the old proverb goes. Similarly, you can't cut taxes and increase them, too.

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Prison Beds Not Based on Reading Scores, But ...

Educational deficiencies, especially when coupled with poverty or trauma, do increase the risk of crime later. It's important, though, to break down the various pieces of the puzzle to find ...

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Address Poverty With Understanding, Compassion

For low-income families, Internet access and a stable living environment—let alone an address—to keep things like birth certificates safe aren't a given; they're a privilege that many families in poverty ...

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We Must Treat All Addiction, Addicts the Same

If addiction truly is an illness, like so many lawmakers are now saying, it is time to take a look at how we're treating potential addicts serving decades-long sentences behind ...

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Cheers to Bipartisan Common Sense

Both in Congress and on a state level, bipartisanship is critical to ensure that all Americans and Mississippians have access to affordable health care regardless of their ZIP code, income, ...

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Learning from Henley-Young’s Progress

Years after litigation and cutting way down on the number of kids behind bars, Jackson faces an interesting crossroads: Our juvenile-justice center might be the leader for rehabilitative treatment for ...

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Patching Potholes: A Metaphor for Jackson

Running a city for a four-year (or sometimes shorter) term is an admittedly daunting task, with the transfer of political strategies, staff and power.

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Address Racial Inequity in Education Now

Education was supposed to be the great "equalizer" back when police officers had to escort a few brave black children past screaming white children and adults to integrate white public ...

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Mississippi Congressmen Must Fight for Medicaid

It's no secret that Republicans in Washington, D.C., want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and the proposed changes will hurt Mississippians on Medicaid.

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Jackson, It’s Time to Go to Work

We're excited to see the work, progress, ideas, energy and journey of the Lumumba administration unfold, and we plan to hold them accountable and suggest solutions every step of the ...

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Democracy Only Works in Public View

The Mississippi attorney general's office releasing the TAC report, which details how the state should work to fix its children's mental- and behavioral-health care system, this week is just one ...

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Long-game Economics Requires Investing in Kids

The typical economic-development strategy for Mississippi Republicans in recent years has been a game of tax cuts, supposedly so that corporations and companies will relocate and set up shop here ...

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Legislature Can’t Dress Up Damage Doing to State

The special session on Monday presented lawmakers the chance to potentially clean up some unfinished business from the 2017 legislative session as well as messes by particular members (looking at ...

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New City Administration Must Be Smart on Crime

Interpersonal violence, much like the shooting spree allegedly spurred from domestic violence that left eight people dead in Lincoln County last weekend, is responsible for a huge amount of violent ...

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Time to End Free Passes for Racist Lawmakers

Leaders can feign disgust at Rep. Karl Oliver's words, but their cozy relationship with racial rhetoric and symbols emboldened him and may lead to the violence he encouraged. It is ...

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Pointing Fingers Won’t Help Mental Health Crisis

Mississippi's mental-health care problems are not secrets, and yet only when the DOJ sues the state and after speaking with some community advocates does the governor start talking about community-based ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'No Crisis'

Gov. Phil Bryant railed against the media three separate times while speaking at the Mental Health Summit at the Jackson Hilton last week.

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Address Racial Bias in Policing Now, Not Later

Discriminatory policing has always been a reality in Mississippi, where too many cops have long enforced deeply held racial stereotypes. The excuse from many people is that, well, more black ...