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Hinds Judge Penalized for Aiding Acquaintances Charged for Weed, Sex Work

The Mississippi Supreme Court has suspended a judge for 30 days without pay after a professional group found he violated standards of conduct by improperly helping one person charged with prostitution and trying to help another charged with marijuana possession.

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Conference Aims to Boost Black City Leadership

African Americans must look to city leaders in the absence of supportive leadership from the state and national government, Jackson Ward 4 Councilman De'Keither Stamps said at a July 17 press conference.

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Hood: Governors Can’t Do Their Job and Follow the ‘Billy Graham Rule’

Republican candidates who say they cannot be alone with women who are not their wives are “ridiculous,” Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said in a fundraising email sent to supporters on Thursday.

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Candidate Backtracks After Saying Office is 'A Man's Job'

Malcolm Johnson, a Democratic man running for office in Mississippi, says he wasn't criticizing all women—just one—when he said being county supervisor is "a man's job."

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Black Woman Accuses Dem Leader of Ignoring Her Governor Run

Velesha P. Williams, an African American woman from Jackson who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor of Mississippi, says party Chairman Bobby Moak will not "respect or acknowledge" her candidacy.

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USM Professor Studying HIV Stigma, MSU Fulbright Scholar and Delta State Paleontology Grant

As part of an HIV awareness project, Susan Hrostowski will work with students in USM's Master of Social Work program to interview people with HIV about their experiences with people who are uninformed and unsympathetic about them and their condition.

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Jackson Should End Penalties on People Who Beg for Money, ACLU Says

The American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi is asking 16 cities in the state to eliminate local laws that penalize panhandling.

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Reeves' 'Ready to Work' Plan Caps Tuition for Some, Adds K-12 Coding

In front of a crowd of enthusiastic college educators, Mississippi Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves announced his plan to make Mississippi a "Ready to Work" state.

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Mississippi: Election Lawsuit is Not About Voting Rights

Attorneys defending Mississippi say a lawsuit that challenges the state's system of choosing a governor is about "partisan politics," not about protecting African Americans' voting rights.

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Waller Follows 'Billy Graham Rule’ Like Foster, He Says

Former Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller Jr., a man running for Mississippi governor, says he also won't meet alone with a woman who isn't his wife, even in a professional setting, repeating the sentiment of fellow Republican candidate Robert Foster.

Columbia, Miss. Celebrates 200 Years

On Jan. 5, 2019, the south Mississippi town of Columbia, Miss., celebrated its bicentennial downtown.

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Neshoba County Fair 2018

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