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Interrupting the Poverty Cycle: Looking Back to Move Forward in Mississippi

Otibehia Allen's days in the Mississippi Delta start and end with her five children—three boys and two girls. She feeds them. Clothes them. Their well-being rests on her shoulders. She does it all on her own.

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Advice to a Young Woman

To thine own self be true. Be honest even when it feels hard. Represent yourself with confidence and dignity and never lose sight of what impact those two things, honesty and dignity, will have on your life.

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Find Your Voice, Girl!

Many men don't like it when we speak up and talk back. Some will go to great lengths to silence our voices, and too often that gets sexual or physical quickly online.

Memorable Quotes from TEDxJackson

"There are as many ways to be creative as there are Muppets. And there are a lot of Muppets." —Kermit the Frog

The Best Tweets from TEDx Jackson

@browndamon 'I followed this idea of archeology as a romance and a science.' —Dr. George Bey(@SoQuoMe) #quote #archeology #science #TEDxJXN @TEDxJackson

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Wishes for Change in 2015

Gandhi's call for each of us to just go become the change we want to see around us is truly the first step to creating stronger communities and bridging the division we've recently seen come out of the woodwork, and scream at us from Facebook and Twitter.

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What Grew Out of TEDx Jackson

Here is some of what the Jackson Free Press learned at TEDx Jackson and some ideas we gleaned from the day and all the inspiration packed into an old movie theater, itself on the rebound.

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Building Purpose in Jackson

Jackson has made positive strides over the last few years, and I believe our best years to be in front of it—but there is still a lot of work for all of us to do.

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Learning Academies: Vital for Work Readiness

The Jackson Public Schools district is embracing a strategy that promises to make a huge difference in young people's lives, as well as improve their future success and earning potential with its new focus on freshman learning academies.

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#BTCJXN: Be the Change Grab Bag

We asked staffers, readers and known change agents in the community for their ideas on being the change we want to see in Jackson (a phrase we've borrowed from Gandhi).

Town Creek Arts Festival 2013

The Mississippi Museum of Art hosted the Town Creek Arts Festival where local artists displayed ...