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Jackson Repaving to Turn ‘Crumbling’ Roads Into ‘Frontier,’ Mayor Says

Standing in a church parking lot near the intersection of Northside Drive and Manhattan Road, Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba announced the start of a street repaving project that will help turn the city into an “economic frontier,” he said.

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Jackson City Council Honors Mississippi Book Festival, Approves Road Projects

The City of Jackson recognized the Mississippi Book Festival's influence and importance at an Aug. 6 city council meeting.

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Rebuilding Community in High School Park

Isaac Norwood said he has noticed a change in the High School Park community over the last 10 years. People have started to move out of the neighborhood, there have been a few incidents of burglary and violence against elders and some of the property is dilapidated.

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OPINION: South Delta Deserves Real Solutions, Not False Hope

Communities in Mississippi's south Delta deserve real solutions for reducing flood damages, not false hope pinned to the Yazoo Backwater Pumps.

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Hood Calls Tech, Women's Opportunities 'The Hope for Our Future'

Right now, though, just over 30% of the state does not have access to high-speed broadband service at all and remains limited to relying on slower options, like dial-up, to connect to the internet. It's worse in rural areas and small towns.

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New City Grants Focus on Early Childhood Education, Community Building

At the July 23 city council meeting, Robert Blaine, chief administrative officer, gave an overview of the $3.1-million grant the W.K. Kellogg Foundation awarded to the City of Jackson.

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OPINION: One Lake—‘One Sewage Lagoon’?

It is interesting how quiet the proponents of the "One Lake" plan have been over the last couple of months. Maybe it is because in September 2018, U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, added language to the America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 to stall the progress of the One Lake project.

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Collaboration Key to Ending Homelessness in Mississippi?

Putalamus White is hoping to change the state of homelessness in the capital city through the Jackson Resource Center, which The Healing Place is set to build in west Jackson.

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Reeves' 'Ready to Work' Plan Caps Tuition for Some, Adds K-12 Coding

In front of a crowd of enthusiastic college educators, Mississippi Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves announced his plan to make Mississippi a "Ready to Work" state.

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Homeless Center Tells Local Critics It ‘Isn’t the Problem’

Poindexter Park Neighborhood Association Vice President Sheila Harper says the planned Jackson Resource Center could make things worse by "segregating" services for homeless populations, the mentally ill and those suffering with drug addiction into neighborhoods already overloaded with such facilities.

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