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Judge Acquits Mississippi Lawmaker Accused of Punching Wife

A judge on Tuesday acquitted a Mississippi lawmaker of a domestic violence charge in which he was accused of punching his wife in the face because she didn't undress quickly enough when he wanted to have sex.

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Man in Mississippi Walmart Shooting Fights Extradition

A man accused of killing two people at a Mississippi Walmart and then setting part of it on fire is fighting extradition to the county where it happened.

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Four Louisiana Men to Plead Guilty in Mississippi Bribe Scheme

Four Louisiana men say they'll plead guilty to charges that they tried to bribe a Mississippi sheriff with $2,000 in casino chips, seeking lucrative jail contracts.

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Federal New York Lockup Draws New Scrutiny in Epstein Death

The apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein has brought new scrutiny to a federal jail in New York that, despite chronic understaffing, houses some of the highest-security inmates in the country.

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Refugees Locked Up In Mississippi: ‘Where Are the Family Values?’

Under the Trump administration, CoreCivic has a new mission at the Adams County Correctional Center: to house asylum seekers who are in the custody of the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement agency, also known as ICE.

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White Man Pleads Guilty to Burning Cross in Mississippi Town

A white man has admitted in federal court that he burned a wooden cross in an effort to frighten black families in a small Mississippi town.

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El Paso Suspect Appears to Have Posted Anti-Immigrant Screed

About 20 minutes before the shooting started at an El Paso Walmart, a rambling screed was posted to an online message board saying the massacre was in response to an "invasion" of Hispanics coming across the southern border.

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Hate Ruled Out, but Motive Still a Mystery in Dayton Attack

As authorities in Ohio try to pin down a motive for the weekend's second U.S. mass shooting and dig into the slain shooter's life, what they find might also help answer another big question looming over the tragedy: What, if anything, could have stopped it?

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Cedric Willis: Honoree of YMP Crime Forum at Walton Elementary

The late Cedric Willis is the honoree of a youth-crime forum tonight in Jackson where participants will brainstorm both causes and solutions of violence in the capital city.

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Reforming Hinds Criminal System Takes Center Stage in DA Race

The national trend of reforming the criminal-justice system, even from inside prosecutors' offices, emerged dramatically in Hinds County during the current campaigns for the next district attorney, who will be decided in the Aug. 6 Democratic primary, or a run-off if needed.

Attorney Martin Perkins Speaks for Inmates

Attorney Martin Perkins speaks for three inmates in Hinds County Correctional Facility who have not been moved since the disturbance.

David Archie Speaks about Hinds Jail

David Archie speaks in front of the Hinds County Sheriffs Office on part of the families of inmates at the Hinds County Correctional Facility.

Sheriff Tyrone Lewis Gives HCCF Update

Sheriff Tyrone Lewis gives the media an update on the disturbance at the Hinds County Correctional Facility Monday afternoon.