Inequitable Education

This legislative session, Mississippi lawmakers went backwards on equity for school funding. They not only underfunded MAEP, but they took millions from that program and gave it to "successful" schools.

The Wrong Side of History

Even though (HB 1523) may secure your position with religious conservatives, you, sir, will someday realize that you are on the wrong side of history.

Are We Free?

Are we really free when state government can take control of our citizen's property?

Gov. Bryant, Don’t Perpetuate the Status Quo

To the honorable Gov. Phil Bryant ... I am writing you to express my concerns about your recent decision to declare April "Confederate Heritage Month."

Feedback: “DJ Young Venom: I Was Kicked Out of Trump Rally for Marvel’s Black Panther Shirt, X Cap” by Onelia Hawa

"... It doesn't matter what clothing he wore. There were students at their own university in another state at another rally who had shown up to listen to Trump speak, and they were not disruptive at all, but were asked to leave. Their crime: They were black."

Mississippi House Bill 4—The Irony of It All

Parents for Public Schools vehemently opposes House Bill 4 and its recent amendments.

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Garrett Responds to the JFP

Mayor Tony Yarber, toward the end of Tuesday's council meeting, addressed "allusions" of a deal being cut to reward the contract to Denali-Garrett. Yarber simply said there were no under-the-table dealings in the negotiations, which were handled by City staff.

Your Turn: On the Conditions at East Mississippi Correctional Facility

We the members of Mississippi Religious Leadership Conference wish to express our concern about recent reports regarding East Mississippi Correctional Facility just outside of Meridian.

Letters to the Editor

I have been hearing all the talk concerning Democrats, particularly African Americans, being paid to vote for Thad Cochran in the Republican runoff or that they were influenced to vote by a few self-appointed black leaders. Those are the farthest things from the truth.


Like many in America and around the world, my heart went out to Trayvon Martin's parents in their pursuit of justice in an area of the country where it proved to slip away.