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Packers vs Saints: Preview & Prediction

Sitting at 0-3 and heading into the fourth week of the NFL season, hopes for the a playoff berth is dwindling for the New Orleans Saints. The chances of making the playoff are slim for teams starting at 0-3 but only one team since the AFL-NFL merger has started 0-4 and reached the postseason. The San Diego Chargers started the season 0-4 before winning going 11-1 in their final 12 games to win the AFC West. That San Diego team even won a playoff game in the Wildcard round before losing in the division round.

MAC & Sun Belt Rise: Plus College Football Week 5 Picks

One of college basketball's great appeals has been the rise of mid-major programs. College basketball teams from non-power conferences have gained a foothold in the NCAA Tournament by building senior led programs and years upon years of upsets in the big dance. College football has its own version of the mid-major in Boise State and until this year TCU. BYU has been a national power on and off. The Cougars are now an independent and Boise State will join the Big East next year.

NFL: Quick Thoughts on Week Three & Week Four Picks

The nation is rejoicing the return of the regular officials after the NFL and the NFLRA came to agreement on a new labor deal last night. NFL fans no longer have to see the replacement officials on the field or their TV screen this week. Thank goodness, the regular officials have returned. Now, NO team in the NFL will receive a terrible call, or a bad penalty, or an atrocious ball spot for the rest of the season.

Weekly Look Back & Look Forward: Heading to Week 5

Time once again for your Thursday, College football look back and look forward. [New to the JFP print edition is a look back at last week’s action][1], so this week will be more of a detailed look forward. There are several prospects for our weekly big winner. Mississippi State is 4-0 for the first time since 1999, Ole Miss is 3-1 and beating teams they should beat on their schedule, and Millsaps is a perfect 3-0 coming off a bye week.

Mississippi College to Ask NCAA to Rejoin Division II

This afternoon I received a press release that Mississippi College has come to the conclusion on Thursday (Sept 27) to ask the NCAA permission to rejoin Division II athletics. The Choctaws currently are classified as a Division III institution in sports.

Join JFP Sports Pick'em & More

Early today, word came down from the top of the JFP tower all the way down to the basement where I am located, that we could set up a pick'em game. I have gone out and set up an account for a few fantasy games.

Saints vs Chiefs: Preview & What to Watch For

No NFL team has ever hosted the Super Bowl and played in the big game. The City of New Orleans was hoping to break that trend this season. That hope might be gone just three weeks into the the season if the Saints can't figure out a way to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Making the playoffs after starting the season 0-2 is hard but trying to making the playoffs after an 0-3 start is nearly impossible.

SEC Returns/Big East Gets Revenge & Week Four College Football Picks

College football last week saw USC go down for a fourth straight year to Stanford, the Big Ten get behind the eight ball in the national championship race after Michigan State ran into a Notre Dame defensive wall. Virginia Tech might have the worse loss of the year against Pittsburgh (more on that later).

NFL: Quick Thoughts on Week Two & Week Three Picks

Time for my weekly thoughts on the previous NFL week. My thoughts on the New Orleans Saints game against the Kansas City Chiefs will be posted tomorrow.

Weekly Look Back & Look Forward: Heading to Week 4

It’s Thursday, so you know what time it is for the JFP Sports blog. Every Thursday, we look back and look ahead at all the action for the college football programs in Mississippi. Each week we name our biggest winner of the week and there were several teams in the running. Mississippi State entered the AP & USA Today top 25 polls and Jackson State go win number one of the season.

Newton & the Panthers Outlast the Saints 35-27

In the NFL if a team does something bad once it is an aberration, twice it is a trend and three times its a problem. Right now, New Orleans has a trend going on their offensive and defensive lines.

Panthers vs Saints: What to Watch For This Sunday

I say all the time on the @jfpsports Twitter account that one of the biggest parts of sports is responding. If the other team scores can you respond with a score of your own or if your team scores can the defense respond with stop and so on. The New Orleans Saints got punched in the mouth (repeatedly) last week by the Washington Redskins. Washington dominated the New Orleans offensive and defensive line most of the game.

Pac-12 Shines/Big Ten Stumbles: Week Two of College Football & Week Three Winners

Things got very interesting quickly in college football last week. The near upsets from week one turned into upsets in week two. Several national championship contenders went down before we even reach the end of September. Biggest winner of week two has to be the Pac-12 (sans Colorado and Utah) from the pre-expansion teams. That means the Big Ten is the biggest looser this week and the conference laid an egg before their normal New Year's Day implosion.

NFL: Quick Thoughts on Week One & Week Two Picks

It was an exciting start to the NFL season last week. The first week of the season started with Dallas upsetting the New York Giants and ended the Raiders special teams handing a win to San Diego.

Weekly Look Back & Look Forward: Heading to Week 3

Not a bad week for our college football teams. Overall, most of the state's college pulled off victories. The big winner last week was Mississippi State.

RG3 and Redskins Shock Saints 40-32 in Season Opener

The story Friday was the Saints players suspended out "Bounty Gate" getting back on the field after appeals lift players suspensions. New Orleans had Will Smith on the field in the home opener against the Washington but Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III stole the show. Things started poorly for the Saints after they received the opening kickoff. New Orleans failed to gain a first down and was forced to punt after a three and out. Drew Brees opened the game 0 for 3 passing and the theme of the day was set with the Redskins defense harassing the New Orleans record-breaking quarterback all day.

Saints vs Redskins: What to Watch

Finally, the Saints can play football instead of talking about suspensions and bounties. Although, on Friday New Orleans got some good news when the players who were effected by "Bounty Gate" got their Suspensions lifted. That is not the end of the bounty situation but it does end it for week one. New Orleans opens the season at home against the Washington Redskins and their rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. Facing a rookie quarterback is an advantage for the Saints in week one. Preseason games feature vanilla defenses and offenses so RG3 hasn't seen a complete NFL defense but more than likely the Saints didn't the Redskins full offense featuring Griffin in the preseason.

Close Calls Define Week One of College Football Season & Week Two Winners

Early in the college football season each year the “BCS” teams normally schedule cupcakes from the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) and lesser FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) conferences. The idea being that teams open up, normally at home, with easy wins to start the season. If the trend from last week keeps up all season, those easy wins are not going to be so easy. Each of the “BCS” conferences struggled against lesser competition last week. Here is a quick look at each BCS conference last week.

A Look Back & A Look Forward for State's College Football Teams

After near postponement due to a hurricane the first week of college football in the state of Mississippi is in the books. Most of the games went true to form but there were a couple of surprises. Each week, JFP Sports is going to spend Thursdays with a look back and a look head for each Mississippi team. Also, we will give you predictions for week two college football games.

Cowboys vs Giants Tonight, Something's Gotta Give

Tonight marks the ninth time that the defending Super Bowl champion has opened their season in prime time. Overall, defending [Super Bowl champions have won 12 straight openers][1]. The last time a defending Super Bowl champion lost their opening game was in 1999, when the Denver Broncos last to the Miami Dolphins 38-21. It must be pointed out that Broncos quarterback John Elway retired after winning the Super Bowl in the 1998 season.