Today is Deadline for Airport, Sanctuary Cities and AG Bills

This afternoon is the deadline for general bills held on a motion to reconsider to pass through both the House and the Senate. The Senate calendar includes http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/news/2016/mar/04/priester-airport-takeover-about-valuable-land-near/">Jackson airport "takeover" bill and a bill that would prohibit "sanctuary cities" in the state, while the House could take up http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/documents/2016/pdf/HB/0700-0799/HB0738IN.pdf">a bill that passed by one vote that would require the Attorney General to receive written approval from the Outside Counsel Oversight Commission for any lawsuit that would cost more than $250,000 in the amount sought.

The House passed the Attorney General oversight commission bill last Tuesday, but the bill was held on a motion to reconsider after it passed by http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/2016/pdf/votes/house/0570066.pdf">a vote of 61-60. The Senate debated the airport "takeover" bill for over two hours last Thursday, and after it passed (mainly along party line votes), it was held on a motion to reconsider and not taken up on Friday. The House and the Senate both reconvene at 4 p.m. this afternoon.


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