Thinking About Drinking - This Friday

Got this e-mail from Trost Friedler at http://www.hhjackson.org">Harbor House Jackson about an event this Friday that looks to be a fairly unique experience.

For many years, I have been collecting Vintage Alcohol and Drug Prevention items. I have some fantastic pieces and a lot of outreach in the 1960’s and 1970’s was about giving information and allowing people to make their own decisions. I am having a showing this Friday night at Pearl River Glass from 5pm to 8pm. It has been a great way to create dialogue about a deadly disease that destroys communities. I should of emailed your earlier but have no budget for Advertising. I am hoping that after you look at the picture you will get a better understanding of how Art played a role in helping combat addiction. I know you release items on your website and the show may be listed. If you are free Friday night please come and join us.

He sent over a couple of examples of the images:

http://jacksonfreepress.com/users/photos/2015/may/12/21434/" rel="nofollow">http://jacksonfreepress.com/users/pho... http://jacksonfreepress.com/users/photos/2015/may/12/21435/" rel="nofollow">http://jacksonfreepress.com/users/pho...

Again, it's at http://pearlriverglass.com">Pearl River Glass Studio this Friday (May 15) from 5-8pm. Check it out!


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