Jordan Guerriero

Jordan Guerriero

When Jordan Guerriero is not working at Professional Eyecare Associates in Madison, she writes for her blog, "Lift Cats Not Weights."

Guerriero, 26, says the name was inspired by her two cats, Mr. Vivian and Baby Princess Hathor, who she says will make their debut on the site soon. On the blog, she shares lifestyle tips such as vegan recipes and self-care tips. Her posts include everything from how to get out of a rut to a post on her trip to the Hindu temple in Brandon.

"I'm into taking care of yourself, whether that's with food or spiritually," Guerriero says. "Healthy is doing what makes you feel good."

The Monroe, La., native received her bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology from Mississippi State University in 2016.

Guerriero, who is the daughter of an Italian father and an Irish mother, was raised vegetarian and grew up in the kitchen. She says her blog came about by simply taking pictures of food and documenting her vegan lifestyle.

She generally posts once or twice a week and describes her blog content as "accessible vegan recipes with a dose of spiritual meatiness."

"Food nourishes your body," she says. "Cooking nourishes your soul. I hope my blog brings people together through cooking, and I want to show that anyone can take care of their body on any budget."

Guerriero says she plans to add vegan meal plans and shopping lists for people to download, as well as an e-book about how to start a vegetarian lifestyle. She is also working on a vegan cookbook.

Many factors besides food play into living a healthy lifestyle, Guerriero believes. In a recent post entitled, "An Interlude on Holistic Health," she writes about how health can be broken down into three areas: "physical, mental and spiritual."

She is passionate about minimalism, fostering animals and supporting local businesses, as well as volunteering with the Craftsmen Guild of Mississippi. Guerriero says she tries to include some sort of call to action in her posts, encouraging readers to go out and spread positivity. "I would love to see people get inspired to give back or share food with the needy," she says.

Guerriero often blogs about her adventures around Jackson and says she loves the city for its diversity. "There's a great sense of community," she says. "We are all trying to better our city."

To read more, visit Guerriero's blog at biancamadonna.wordpress.com.


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