Financially Challenged Lives Matter


Ken Stiggers

Mr. Announcer: "In the ghetto criminal-justice system, the people are represented by members of the newly established Ghetto Science Community Peace Keeping Unit: police officer and part-time security guard at the Funky Ghetto Mall Dudley 'Do-Right' McBride; attorney Cootie McBride of the law firm McBride, Myself and I; and guest rookie peace officer Rev. Cletus, the car-sales pastor. This is their story."

Dudley Do-Right McBride: "Cousin Cootie, I know we are assigned to keep the peace at the Financially Challenged Lives Matter protest rally at the Funky Ghetto Mall's Pothole Parking Lot, but why is Rev. Cletus' Double Dutch Church Bus following our Law-N-Order SUV?"

Cootie McBride: "It's not what you think, Dudley. I asked Rev. Cletus and the Peace, Prayer and Protection Ministry group to help us quell protesters' anxiety, fear and rage."

Dudley Do-Right McBride: "In my humble opinion, people on the poor side of town have a good reason to be concerned. Too many folk are dying unnecessarily these days, like the young man in Cleveland, Ohio."

Cootie McBride: "I agree, Dudley. Nevertheless, I hope that Rev. Cletus' ministry will help us encourage protesters to think critically, become proactive and organize effectively."

Dudley Do-Right McBride: "I hear you, cousin, but folk are still mad as 4377. I hope people won't get the wrong idea about that bus. And, I hope that bus can maneuver around the pothole parking lot."

Cootie McBride: "Dudley, don't worry about the bus and potholes. Concentrate on being a peacekeeper."

"Doink, doink!"


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