Where Is Payton’s Place?

This Sunday, things took an interesting turn in New Orleans when it was announced that the NFL had voided suspended head coach Sean Payton’s 2011 contract extension. The League didn’t like the clause that allowed Payton to get out of the deal if general manager Mickey Loomis was suspended, fired or left the New Orleans organization.

The NFL was concerned that the clause could set a bad precedent and rejected the deal way before Loomis was suspended before this season. But the news set conspiracy theorists to work early Sunday morning.

Many believed this opened the door for Payton to return to Dallas after this season ends. Payton has a good relationship with Jerry Jones and was with the club when they brought in Tony Romo.

Payton was assistant coach from 2003-2005 and worked as quarterback and assistant head coach while at Dallas. There is some credence to this theory because of the changes in Payton’s life over the last year.

The coach is currently going through a divorce, and his soon-to-be ex-wife moved the family to Dallas, where the family has owned a home since 2011.

It makes sense for a man to want to be near his children, especially with the demands of being an NFL head coach on his time. Any chance to be close to his kids with a little down time during the season has to be on Payton’s mind.

I have to wonder if Payton would want to leave New Orleans anyway after being suspended for the entire season for bounty gate. I would think Payton would want to come back to New Orleans and win a title next season just to throw it in the NFL’s face.

A guy like Payton would want to return to the Saints and prove that with him back at head coach, the team could win without any questions of bounties on opposing players. I doubt Payton would want to leave a city he is loved in for bring a Super Bowl title to a long-suffering franchise.

The biggest winner with this news is Sean Payton. He will have all the leverage against the Saints for a new contract and will get offers from any team with a job opening after coaches get fired during this season and after.

I have a feeling that Payton will come back to New Orleans, and he and Benson will reach a deal. But never underestimate how much someone’s personal life affects his business life.


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