Attend the JFP Chick Ball Happy Hour Thursday, May 31, 6 to 8 p.m.

Join the JFP, the Center for Violence Prevention and the Chick Ball Committee for a free JFP Chick Ball happy hour Thursday, May 31, at Hal & Mal's downtown (200 S. Commerce St.). We'll provide great munchies (yes, lots of fried stuff and more), and we'll buy you a drink if you sign up to volunteer or donate to the Chick Ball effort this year. We'll buy you two drinks if you bring a donation check (in any amount over $10) or a gift or piece of art for the silent auction (or drop it at the JFP in advance of happy hour).

This year's JFP Chick Ball will help the Center for Violence Prevention start a rape crisis center. Help us save lives and strengthen families! Every penny and hour you can give matters.

Thank you! Write [e-mail missing] or call Erica at 601.362.6121 ext. 16 if you have questions!

Read more: http://www.jfpchickball.com or follow @jfpchickball on Twitter. We're on Facebook here.

Men and women welcome, of course! This is for all the fabulous chicks of Jackson and the men who love us. See you at happy hour!


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