Right on the Edge


Ken Stiggers

Brother Sylvester: "Welcome to the final round of the Open Air Cultural Theater Open Mic Poetry Showcase for the Unemployed. Over the past three years, the poor, middle class and unemployed have struggled like the Evans family from the television show 'Good Times.' Therefore, I organized this monthly event to help our jobless brothers and sisters maintain their motivation, dignity and self respect through creative self expression. Also, this event is an opportunity to educate and inform the Ghetto Science Community about how some people deal with joblessness. Let's close this showcase with a brief, untitled poem by Scooby 'Angry Black Man' Rastus:

"One year ago, I worked. / One year ago, the bills were paid.

One year ago, I was grateful and happy. / One year ago, I had it made.

Well, something happened, / and I want to forget the time

when I lost my job and life declined. / Now, I can't find a job,

and I'm right at the edge. / If I don't find something soon,

I'll not only lose my car and home / but also my head,

while the bill collectors call my / cheap, pre-paid cell phone

and continue to harass me wherever I go. / It's still a jungle, and now, I'll always

wonder / how to keep from going under."

Brother Sylvester: "I want to thank Big Roscoe and Little Momma Roscoe of Clubb Chicken Wing for allowing me to host the Open Mic Poetry Showcase for the Unemployed during the Hot Wing Happy Hour."


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