10 Things to Know for Tuesday

  1. TODD AKIN SAYS HE IS STAYING IN THE SENATE RACE--But Missouri law gives him until 5 p.m. Tuesday as pressure to leave continues after his "legitimate" rape comment.

  2. SIX YEARS OF NYPD SPYING ON MUSLIMS, NO TERROR CASES--Newly unsealed testimony shows the police infiltration of Muslim groups never triggered a terrorism investigation.

  3. TOP U.S. GENERAL SAFE AFTER ROCKETS FIRED INTO BASE--The joint chiefs of staff chairman was not near his plane, which was damaged by shrapnel at the Afghanistan base, but the strike may be a propaganda coup for the Taliban.

  4. HOW PUSSY RIOT'S PUNISHMENT STACKS UP AROUND THE WORLD--Where insulting the king, killing your cattle, bouncing checks, even chewing gum can get you in deep trouble.

  5. OBAMA'S LATEST TARGET: RYAN'S PROPOSED EDUCATION CUTS--He is set to deliver his latest critiques from college campuses, while the GOP running mate tells voters how his party will boost small businesses.

  6. NYAD HOPES TO FINISH CUBA-TO-FLORIDA SWIM TODAY--But she's waiting out another storm, threatening her plan to make landfall the day before her 63rd birthday.

  7. FOR CLASS OF 2016, WOMEN ALWAYS PILOTED WAR PLANES--The Beloit College Mindset List reminds professors that this year's college freshmen see the world differently.

  8. VIGIL AMID QUESTIONS IN PATROL CAR SHOOTING DEATH--Supporters of a 21-year-old man shot to death in what police say was a suicide will start a march in Jonesboro, Ark., at 2 p.m.

  9. APPLE-SAMSUNG BATTLE SOON IN JURY'S HANDS--The maker of the iPhone and the iPad seeks $2.5 billion in an epic patent fight.

  10. THE JOKE WAS ON PHYLLIS DILLER, WHO MADE A LANDMARK CAREER OF IT--"I became a stand-up comedienne," she said many times before her death at 95, "because I had a sit-down husband."


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