10 Things to Know for Monday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories people will be talking about today.

  1. MEDICARE TAKES CENTER STAGE FOR ROMNEY, RYAN--The Republicans hold a town hall with New Hampshire voters and hope to assuage skittish seniors.

  2. BLUE MONDAY: WHEN THE WEEK STARTS WITH A STOCK SLUMP--The first day of the week is the only one when the market is more likely to fall than to rise.

  3. MYANMAR PRESS FREEDOM TAKES A STEP--Journalists will no longer have to submit their work to state censors — something they've done for nearly half a century. But other restrictions remain.

  4. QUESTIONS FOLLOW DEATH OF TONY SCOTT--Authorities are investigating the death of the "Top Gun" director — who jumped off a bridge in LA — as a suicide.

  5. FIGHTING OVER UNINHABITED ISLANDS--The Chinese call them the Diaoyu, the Japanese say they're the Senkaku chain. Whatever name you choose, they're the subject of one of the biggest territorial flare-ups in years between the Asian giants.

  6. MISSOURI SENATE CANDIDATE BACKS OFF RAPE COMMENTS--GOP Rep. Todd Akin first said a woman's body "has ways" to prevent pregnancy during "a legitimate rape."

  7. WHAT A SUSPENDED DEATH SENTENCE MEANS--The punishment for Gu Kailai, wife of a disgraced former Chinese politician, will likely end up as life in prison after her murder conviction.

  8. THE STATE DINNER FOR KIDS (HOLD THE TATER TOTS)--First lady Michelle Obama hosts a luncheon for 8- to 12-year-old winners of a healthy lunch recipe contest.

  9. WHAT DOG VISITS MEAN TO SICK KIDS--Two canines scampering through a hospital ward in Ecuador bring smiles — and even relief — to kids with cancer.

  10. NYAD TAKES A STINGING, KEEPS ON SWIMMING--The 62-year-old endurance athlete continues on her 103-mile quest to swim from Florida to Cuba.


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