10 Things to Know for Wednesday

  1. WHERE THEY REALLY MEAN IT ON CIGARETTE WARNINGS--That would be Australia: Think drab olive-green packs featuring images of cancer-riddled mouths and bulging, blinded eyeballs.

  2. IT'S HERE: FIRST LAWSUIT INVOLVING 2012 ELECTION IN COURT--Early voting in swing state Ohio sparks campaign dispute, with military voters at center.

  3. DREW PETERSON JUDGE MIGHT THROW OUT CASE--"There was one thing I told you not to go into and that's exactly what you did," he tells prosecutor.

  4. A DEEPER PROBE INTO SYRIAN BLOODSHED--A U.N. human rights report might fuel urgency for tougher action against the Assad regime.

  5. WHY MADONNA AND BJORK JOINED A GLOBAL MOVEMENT--It's all to get Russia to free the punk provocateur band Pussy Riot.

  6. THE DREAM ACT KICKS OFF IN U.S.--Young illegal immigrants brought as children will begin lining up for a chance for legal status.

  7. JUDGE IN FORT HOOD SHOOTING CASE SAYS TRIAL NEEDS TO START--Accused Army psychiatrist to plead not guilty, with jury selection on Monday.

  8. THE BURNING LOVE THAT JUST WON'T FADE--Tens of thousands of Elvis fans heading to Graceland candlelight vigil on 35th anniversary of his death.

  9. HOW CLOSE TODAY'S BLAST CAME TO U.N. OBSERVERS--The fuel truck bomb went off near a Damascus hotel they use and a parking lot used by the military.

  10. IN IOWA, OBAMA'S TARGET MIGHT BE RYAN'S ENERGY CUTS--Romney's running mate is expected to fight back in Florida on the Medicare issue.


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