10 Things to Know for Tuesday

  1. OBAMA ON THE OFFENSIVE--The president says Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's new running mate, embodies the spirit of the "do-nothing Congress" as the candidates spread out over five battleground states.
  2. SYRIA'S DEFECTED PRIME MINISTER JOINING THE REBELS--Former Prime Minister Riad Hijab says President Bashar Assad's regime is near collapse "morally and economically" and calls on political and military leaders to follow in his footsteps and take the side of the people.
  3. PANETTA SAYS NO PLANS SET FOR NO-FLY ZONE OVER SYRIA--Defense secretary tells the AP that he is confident one could be enforced, but it would require a "major, major policy decision."
  4. CHRIS CHRISTIE TO BE KEYNOTE SPEAKER AT GOP CONVENTION--Sometimes abrasive but always entertaining, New Jersey's governor promises "to tell some very direct and hard truths" when he addresses the Republican National Convention this month.
  5. MURDER CONFESSION RAISES QUESTION IN CHINA'S BIGGEST SCANDAL--Scholars are finding glaring omissions and implausibilities in the official account of a murder committed by a Chinese politician's wife.
  6. SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS IN FATAL SHOOTING NEAR TEXAS A&M--Police will provide more details about a shooting near the Texas A&M campus that ended in the deaths of a constable serving an eviction notice, the man who shot him and a neighbor.
  7. AMERICANS CARRY MORE CREDIT CARD DEBT THAN LAST YEAR--The analysis also shows little change in how many card holders are paying their bills on time.
  8. WHAT SPENDING CUTS WILL MEAN TO THE AVERAGE AMERICAN--In addition to less money for the military, some air traffic controllers, border guards and FBI agents might be out of a job come January.
  9. FIRST LADY GOES AFTER JAY LENO AND GABBY DOUGLAS FOR FAST-FOOD HABITS--The talk show host and Olympic gold-medal gymnast were both gently scolded by Michelle Obama for not setting the right dietary example.
  10. BIDDING FAREWELL TO 'THE PEOPLE'S COMPOSER'--Friends and admirers of Marvin Hamlisch gather in New York City to bid farewell to the celebrated songwriter known for composing hundreds of scores for movies and musicals, including "The Sting," ''Ordinary People" and "The Way We Were."


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