The Day the Music Died

Jack FM has taken over 100.9. Jackson, once again, is without a great radio station.

Jack FM has taken over 100.9. Jackson, once again, is without a great radio station.

A couple of mornings ago, I woke up and started my day as usual (making coffee, watching the news on TV, checking emails). Since 100.9, WJXN is my favorite radio station, I liked to turn my dial on the stereo and listen to the great music they played on there. So, imagine my shock and horror when I heard Loverboy and Asia playing, followed by the Jack FM commercial. I knew then that Jackson was screwed.

Since K-Love left the frequency and Flinn Broadcasting began playing a commercial-free format to keep music on the air, 100.9 was a hit, not just with me, but with everyone I know. I kept my Shazam and Sound Dog phone apps on when I listened to this station. Every song they played was like a hug from Jesus to my ears and soul, and I just had to know the artists and song titles. Taj Mahal, Lucinda Williams, Cory Branan and other artists get little commercial airplay from other Jackson stations.

I am furious that now we don't have a radio station that plays obscure, awesome music. And yes, I know we can download Spotify and Pandora, and even purchase satellite radio for our cars, but why can't we just turn the dial on our radios for free, either in our car or home, to hear great music? Jackson's music scene is doing incredibly well, and we have a plethora of some of the best bands, singers and musicians I've ever heard. Leasing the station to Jack FM was a huge disservice to all the listeners here in Jackson and a slap in the face to our music scene.

After traveling this summer to places far and wide, I was fortunate to find various radio stations in the different cities I visited playing "eclectic AAA." Eclectic AAA, which stands for Adult Album Alternative, is a radio format that plays more progressive and free-form music, as opposed to commercial radio, very much like 100.9 was between K-Love and Jack FM.

I want to know, as well as the rest of Jackson, why we can't have a radio station that plays adult album alternative music. Just when I think we're making strides in the city, something or somebody comes along and messes things up. I have nothing against Clear Channel or Jack FM, or Loverboy and Asia, for that matter. I am just tired of hearing the same songs over and over and over again. Music shouldn't be redundant.

Jackson may be without the commercial-free 100.9, but there may be a solution to this problem. Justin Martin, general manager of WUSM in Hattiesburg, has been toying with the idea of having his station in Jackson. With the help of an online Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a low-power transmitter, Martin thinks the idea of bringing his award-winning station to Jackson would also give college towns such as Hattiesburg and Starkville more visibility, as well as promote music from local and regional bands.

Martin is still working out the details for this idea, so stay tuned to what will hopefully be a great addition to Jackson's airwaves. Also, feel free to check out WUSM's website at southernmissradio.com. And if you think you would like to start your own radio station or host your own radio show, Brad Wagoner and crew over at JDX1029 would be the ones to talk to.

My good friend and adoptive brother Sam Adcock took over his dad David's show, "Tunes 'til Two," on Sundays, and Cathy Nail and Peter Christian, along with Brad, all have their own music shows. For more information, feel free to visit JDX1029.com.


davidwayne83 10 years, 3 months ago

Ever since the Jackson radio market was “shaken” up with the loss of “94.7 Jack FM,” “Rock 93.9,” and now “100.9 WJXN,” I’ve been watching this town cry on social media sites about “Jackson radio sucks.” These radio stations disappeared because NO ONE was supporting them locally. Stations like Miss 103, Y101, Mix 98, Z106, and others have been in Jackson for many years because their listeners SUPPORT them in many different ways such as, providing ratings, advertising dollars, or even just spreading the word to others about their “favorite” radio station. Sitting behind a computer and complaining doesn’t pay the bills, MONEY DOES. I wish Justin Martin of WUSM the best of luck bringing their station (AAA format) to the Jackson market, but ONCE AGAIN a transmitter, tower, ASCAP/BMI fees, and many more expenses will need to be paid, and if people don’t SUPPORT this station once it’s on the air it will too disappear in the wind.



BestCommentEver 10 years, 3 months ago

I'm guessing that Natalie didn't read Jacob Fuller's JFP article WJXN: Pirate Radio? from July 22 or she would have known this was coming - that once they found someone to lease the station, the format would change, that what she was listening to wasn't permanent.

http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/news/..." title="JFP Article: WJXN: Pirate Radio?">JFP Article: WJXN: Pirate Radio?

I for one am happy to see Jack FM return to Jackson.


Drew43 10 years, 3 months ago

Amen Natalie. After I stumbled onto WJXN, my radio dial did not change. I called and text friends and relatives about this station. Everyone loved it. I will now go back to riding with my earphones in and my cell on Pandora. I can not listen to Jack FM and Z106. If I hear Boston one more time I just might drive straight into a bridge abutment. Someone please put WJXN back on the air! Well, maybe if Justin can bring his station to Jackson, we might get to hear some Flinghammer on the radio!


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