[Stiggers] Cool and Creamy


Ken Stiggers

Mister Ice Creamy Man: "Spring is here and the days are longer. It's time to break out my new and improved Ice Creamy Truck, courtesy of Congressman Smokey 'Robinson' McBride's Ghetto Science Community Small Business Bailout money. My lovely wife, Mrs. Ice Creamy Woman, suggested I pay the deacon mechanics of Rev. Cletus Car Sales Church to repair and refurbish my Ice Creamy Truck. Also, the Deacon Mechanics went the extra mile to make the truck environmentally friendly. My wife and I are quite anxious to introduce the Ghetto Science Community to our custom-built Hybrid Electric and Petroleum Vehicle.

"Seven years ago, Zipp Pitters, self-published poet, wrote a children's book titled 'The Ice Cream Truck Ran out of Gas.' He dedicated this book to the children of the ghetto who deal with a struggling economy and rising fuel prices. I worried about serving my community during the spring and summer seasons. I still worry in an uncertain economy where people struggle to keep their homes, pay their bills and provide for their families. Thanks to the efforts of a concerned politician and resourceful church mechanics, I am able to do my part to bring some happiness to members of the Ghetto Science Community by serving and selling them affordable cool and creamy frozen treats.

"Children and adults of the Ghetto Science Community, the new, improved, environmentally friendly, solar powered Hybrid Electric and Petroleum Mister Ice Creamy Truck is coming to your neighborhood.

"Just listen for the ding-a-ling bell."


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