[Stiggers] Hustle and Barter


Ken Stiggers

Big Roscoe: "During the recession, I worried about the future of my growing business and the community it served. I presumed that my newly unemployed clientele would stop coming to the plethora of events held at the Clubb Chicken Wing Multipurpose Complex. What would things be like if the Hot Wing Happy Hour, Friday Night Fish Fry, Saturday Evening Old School Disco and Electric Slide Marathon, Flat-Screen TV World-O-Sports and Late Night Bingo cease to exist? The scenario of financially challenged people without recreational activity is a nightmare.

"Despite this country's and the world's financial battles, I'm happy to report that business is great at Clubb Chicken Wing. I'm amazed that people still patronize my business after I raised the prices of my food and drink items. And the Ghetto Stimulus Package Grant helped me employ more workers and schedule more weekly events. Nevertheless, people continue to come and spend some of their money just for the sake of needed recreation.

"I'm very thankful for the love the community has shown toward my business and me. Therefore, I want to show my gratitude to my customers by having a weekly Clubb Chicken Wing Customer Appreciation Party, Networking Session and Disco during black history month. I invite you to come and enjoy the Half Price Hot Wing Happy Hour, Clubb Chicken Wing Know Your Black History Quiz Challenge, Hustle and Barter Small Business and Independent Contractors Networking Session, and more.

"Thank you for keeping hope and my business alive in 2011."


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