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Ken Stiggers

BoneQweesha Jones: "Welcome to the Ghetto Science Television Network's Post-Martin Luther King Holiday edition of ‘To Catch a Perpetrator in the Post-Racial Era.'

"Some people feel I shouldn't produce a show like this. Some folk say to me: ‘Why don't you people stop whining about what happened a hundred years ago?'

"Well, I feel that I should confront and combat any form of disrespect toward any individual—especially in the business sector. And in this so-called post-racial era, it looks like disrespect is at an all-time high—and climbing.

"For example: A governor from Maine tells the NAACP to ‘Kiss his butt' regarding not attending the local celebration of the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. Also, on the World Wide Web, hatred and disrespect runs rampant. And if someone does not stand up to this foolishness, our Post-Racial Era will become a retro-prejudiced Jim Crow slavery period.

"It's funny how a lot of people perpetrating disrespect toward ethnic minorities expect them to smile and be pleasant always. Those smiling and shuffling days are gone. Today, ethnic minorities are serious and intelligent enough to recognize the undertones of hatred and disrespect.

"With that said, let's investigate a controversial e-mail where the manager of ‘Le Swanky Steak Shack' was terminated from his job for writing: ‘Looks like another Saturday night ghetto party. They sure love us, and we sure love paying customers. Tell BoneQweesha her party is booked.'

"What was he thinking?

"Remember: Think before you click the ‘send' button."

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Ken, thank you for those comments. Timely.



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