The Invisible Woman

Youth Media Project

(Yep this one is pretty sappy, but you're gonna' read it and like it!)

I've lived with this woman for quite a while now. She showed me how to care, allowed me to be different, and appreciate the little things, but I hated her. I hated the way she looked. How she let people treat her. How lumpy she was. I loved spending my down time fantasizing about leaving her, often equating my level of happiness with the distance away. But something happened. I wasn't paying attention and it happened. I was falling in love. I became more intrigued at how this woman treated the people she loved and I discovered how beautiful she really was.

I was in awe, and at night when she came alive, I was floored. She breathed differently, moved differently and it was wonderful.

I don't know what to do now. I've worked so hard to make my dreams of leaving her come true, but now I know it won't be as easy as I thought. I love her too much.

Her name? Jackson.


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