[Stiggers] The Larger World


Ken Stiggers

Can you believe it? This year marks my seventh year writing humor and satire for the Jackson Free Press! You've endured seven years of my crazy characters, wacky parodies, unusual pop culture and ethnic references, and liberal views on society and politics.

Thank you for tolerating my edgy style. And I appreciate feedback from individuals who say they love, hate or just don't understand what I write. I also recall those times when I wanted to quit writing the column because some readers were offended and embarrassed.

Nevertheless, I want to thank Donna, Todd and the rest of the JFP staff for being daring enough to publish my humor and message every week. It's inspiring when the editor, publisher, fellow JFP columnist and other respected writers stand behind your work. And what I appreciate most is what Donna wrote about four years ago regarding my column: "To me, an important component of running Ken's column is to remind people that there is a reality, a tough one that they are clueless about. It's up to the reader to decide whether to change that fact and to try to understand the larger world they live in, rather than to hide out in their corner and fear the unknown … meaning that it satirizes the plight of people who are doing the best they can against nearly immeasurable odds thanks to idiots running the country."

As long as the JFP runs my columns, I will keep on writing. It's been a great time!


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