Sundance: There Is Always A Mississippi Connection!

You know how this goes. Mark talks to our friend Diana Shows about going to Sundance and Diana mentions that her niece Elizabeth Mims has a short film in the festival. Mark tells me, and I get excited because I'm always proud of the creative talent from our state. Mims produced Jason Tippet's short documentary, "Thompson." I haven't seen the film yet, but the excerpt in the program book sounds promising. It's about two young men who share a bond of "speech impediments, weapons and things that go fast." It won the jury award at the SXSW Festival. I can't wait to see it, and hopefully meet Mims in a crowded cafe, or even better Thai restaurant, on Main Street.

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I can't wait to hear about Elizabeth Mim's film at Sundance! Also, because I am shallow and enjoy celebrity sightings...who have you seen since you have been at Sundance? And also, how cold is it???

Ann Herlihy


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