A Few Jackson Warm and Fuzzies

As the celebratory edition of the Best of Jackson sits on the press as I type, the anticipation of its distribution is at its climax. I must admit this will only be my second edition I will be "aware" of its existence. More on that tomorrow. But the fact that I am aware is a warm and fuzzy.

Other warm and fuzzies: Jeff Good tweeted today that he called the Mayor's Action Line to report a street lamp that is out and said, "The person taking the info was very pleasant." Really? That would be the reactions of most who believe all government workers are rude. I like to think they all have bad days just like anyone. Sure there are exceptions, but aren't those everywhere? Jeff Good is a warm and fuzzy too. And let's not forget the employee at the Mayor's Action Line, warm and fuzzy!

I walked into one of my cellular carrier's locations today for the third time in a month. After explaining, o.k. complaining, about the issue and that I wanted results, the young man with sandy blonde locks and a bright smile said, "I understand, let's see what we can find out." Huh? I was there to demand something, not for kindness. After 10 minutes, six eyes had looked the phone over and presto! "Mr. Moore, you phone is under warranty, and I will replace this for you with a new one," he said. His service was excellent and his wanting to resolve the issue was genuine. He is also a warm and fuzzy.

So as we sit on the edge of our seats and wait for the Best of issue, let's remember this exciting time and celebrate the Best of Jackson every day! Then at year's beginning next year, vote again to celebrate who the best of the best are. That's a warm and fuzzy too. See you at the party on Sunday.


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