Here's Why I Adore Jeff Good

Jeff's e-mail, verbatim:

The water problem this week has created inconveniences, both minor and major for many residents and businesses, but this e-mail from Jeff Good this morning put it all in perspective for me. We are very fortunate, and let us give thanks for what we all have, even as we send prayers and whatever money possible to the people of Haiti.

The tragedy in Haiti really puts things in perspective for us. Yes, we are without water. Our businesses are closed. We are uncertain when we will be able to reopen, and when we do, we have no clue as to what conditons we may be forced to operate. But how can these woes even come CLOSE to comparing to the tragedy in the small country of Haiti?

As the news broke yesterday, we were engaged in the mania of calling and cancelling catering orders, cleaning and organizing our empty restaurants, talking with vendors, recasting employee schedules, and trying to chart our course through this disaster. Then we got home and the news hit us. Just like, we are sure, it hit you.

CNN has set up a link to the Red Cross / Twitter initiative to make it easy to donate $10 to the relief fund. We are posting this link here in case you are moved to do so.

In the meantime, here in Jackson, we are still without water, and will keep you abreast of our situation as relevant information becomes available.

Peace to you all. We live in an uncertain world. Hug your loved ones. Be kind to your neighbors.

Jeff, Dan & the Mangia Bene Family

Thank you, Jeff, for saying this.

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Oh, and his subject line was: "There but for the grace of God we go ..." Words of the week.


Ironically, this is exactly what my FB status reads today....well pretty much. Interesting. Jackson loves Jeff!!!!



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