Lazy Dinner

Lazy Magnolia has been quenching the thirst of beer lovers all over the South since September 2003. As the state's only brewery, Lazy Magnolia's "Lazy Folks" have done an excellent job of putting Mississippi on the beer world's map. On Aug. 30, two of the "Lazy Folks" partner with local eatery and longtime Lazy Magnolia supporter Sal & Mookie's to showcase some of its beers, paired with a unique, five-course menu.

"Brew Mistresses" Brandi Bradley and Kathryn Corr will host the five-course beer dinner. Bradley encourages people to come even if they don't consider themselves beer drinkers.

"It's a great way to give people ideas of things that they can do with beers, (even) if they don't think they're a beer drinker—how to use different types of beers and different menus—and not have to drink the beer if your palette's not trained for that," she says.

Bradley says beer tastings are gaining popularity as a relaxed change of pace from wine tastings. "They're a little more casual and a little more laid-back, which means they can be a little more enjoyable and fun and relaxing," she says.

The dinner will consist of five beers and five courses:
First course: Reb Wheat Pale Ale (also known as the "Deep South Pale Ale") paired with Thai fish cakes with cucumber relish and a Chile-garlic dipping sauce.
Second course: Indian Summer Spiced Wheat Ale paired with curried cashew, pear and grape salad with orange vinaigrette.
Third course: Southern Gold Golden Honey Ale paired with Fudge Farms roasted pork loin with lavender and honey over roasted fingerling potatoes.
Fourth course: Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale paired with maple-cured duck breast smoked over pecan wood over
soft polenta.
Fifth course: Award-winning Jefferson Stout Sweet Potato Cream Stout paired with a sweet potato, date and pecan bread pudding with whiskey-caramel sauce.

The Lazy Magnolia Beer Dinner at Sal & Mookie's (565 Taylor St.) begins at 6 p.m., Monday, Aug. 30. Tickets are $55. Call 601-368-1919, or e-mail {encode="[email protected]" title="[email protected]"} to reserve your seat; credit card needed to guarantee your spot; no cancellations.


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