Mississippi Reports First Swine Flu Cases


Basic hygiene, including soap-and-water hand washing, is still one of the best ways to prevent the spread of flu.

The Mississippi State Department of Health today confirmed three cases of H1N1 flu, commonly called swine flu, in Harrison County on the Gulf Coast. The people infected, two adults and one child, have all fully recovered.

"This indicates that swine flu is now here in Mississippi, which is something we've known would be the case," State Health Director Ed Thompson told WAPT.

In all, 47 U.S. states have reported 4,714 confirmed and probable cases of swine flu and four deaths prior to today's cases in Mississippi, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Each of the four patients who died in the U.S. had other, underlying health conditions. The World Health Organization's Web site reports 7,520 cases in 34 countries and 65 deaths. Mexico, where officials say the outbreak began, accounts for 60 of the confirmed deaths.

Health officials continue to advocate basic hygiene for flu prevention, including frequent soap-and-water hand washing, and covering the mouth when sneezing. They also advise people who have flu symptoms to contact their doctors, and stay home to avoid school and workplace contagion. Further, officials warn parents to give only non-aspirin fever reducers to children or teens under age 18.

For more information go to the Mississippi State Department of Health Web site.


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